Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring? Or right into early SUMMER?

Some of the flowers that are now blooming at school.  There are lots of tulips/etc. in this flower bed and it looks really nice.  We had lots of blooming bulbs when we returned from spring break this week.  A few weeks earlier, when I took my students outside to look for signs of spring ... my students and I had noticed this 'hearty' leaf that had started growing through the 'decorative bark' that was in the way.  Can you see it?   *Click on the photo for a larger image.

In other news.  Yesterday, my Jeep temperature gauge said:  80*F.   I guess we are moving from upper 40's to mid 50's right into the 80's?   All I can say is I had some wool hand knitted socks on and I could hear my feet sending me messages... "HUMAN BODY, take these SOCKS off NOW!!!"  I don't care if it will hurt to walk barefooted on the sidewalk and the parking lot for the first time in months!  Do it!  DO IT NOW!!!  SOCKS OFF NOW!!!

I did manage to resist and wait until I got home.  I can see that this marble floor is going to come in handy soon... for cooling purposes!

For those in the states, especially in Colorado... who are currently or have recently been experiencing some of the snowstorms that have been recently in the news... while it might be nice, sunny, and 80*F here in northern Italy... just remember... in July when you are having nice 80*F temps... we'll be burning up here in Italy!!  

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