Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Oh, Fage, I love you ... almost the same as I love: Quark...

The missing post has finally been found thanks to:  Sanna (one of my blog readers) who took the trouble to copy and paste my blog entry- she had had a chance to read it before it disappeared into the 'thin' internet air never to be seen again.                                                                                 

One of my favorite things about Europe is... no, it's not the historical landmarks, the great food, the travel opportunities. Believe it or not... it's the amazing cheeses and also the yogurt. I mean, fresh wonderful yogurt without anything artificial put in it tastes so good. I already enjoyed yogurt; but, the yogurt here is so good.

Germany, had so many wonderful choices for yogurt. So many fresh fruit flavors. My favorite brand was by a company that sold their yogurt in glass jars. They had endless choices including a yogurt that had the vanilla bean specks mixed in.. like you sometimes find in ice-cream. This brand, also had a 'blood orange' flavor. It was hard to choose which flavors to buy. *They also had a regular 'tart' type with real chocolate pieces mixed in. That was nice... tart yogurt mixed in with some sweet dark chocolate pieces. I never found a flavor I didn't like.

However, my two absolute favorite flavors in the 'yogurt' family were the Greek yogurts 'from Greece.' Honey yogurt. Sigh. When I went to visit the states last summer... throughout my visit, I bought 3 different brands of Greek yogurt with honey... I was so happy that I could continue enjoying my Honey Greek yogurt for breakfast. IT was not the SAME. Not at ALL. I was so disappointed.

My most favorite of all? A little delight called: QUARK

Quark had the thickness of sour cream. I can't describe how it was different from yogurt... but, trust me... as much as I loved the yogurt... after I tasted 'QUARK'... that is all I bought. In various flavors. (well, I still bought the HONEY GREEK YOGURT). I'm pretty sure that quark is probably available in the states? IF so, check it out.

Since, I've been in Italy... I've gone to many, many, many grocery stores. I like to go into local foreign grocery stores wherever I live... but, every time I went to an 'off-base' grocery store... I would go check out the dairy case looking at all the yogurt choices (not as many as found in Germany) and I never found any of the German brands... nor did I find what I was really looking for: QUARK

When I found the new big grocery store on Monday... once again, I checked out the yogurt selections. No quark. No honey Greek yogurt. But, what's this? I found something by the name of: FAGE

It looked promising. Honey was featured on the container. Some chopped nuts (turned out to be walnuts) were included for stirring in. A little green folding spoon wrapped in plastic, was even included in the chopped nuts part of the lid. After opening the foil lid from the FAGE, I discovered that they had a little side section of honey for stirring in. I just had it for breakfast.

Heart be still. It is quark by another name!

I've only seen it sold in this one grocery store. (I'd already looked in another large grocery store.) I will be making regular trips to this grocery store. It is only in one flavor... but, it's my favorite flavor anyway.

It's such a little thing. But, I was missing: Quark

Muuuuhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm     TOTAL is a good name:  It's is 'totally' good!

See the nuts? When opened under the label you'll discover a little wrapped in plastic folding green spoon 'for eating on the go.' Where the Fage is located... see the little section to the side that looks empty? (because it is) That is where the honey was stored for mixing in. I mixed in every drop of honey and every chopped nut and went... "uuuuummmmm"

Once Spring Break is over, I'll only be able to go to THE grocery store that sells: FAGE on Saturdays... but, if I time it just right... it might be lunch time and I might just have to stop at that local Trattoria that is between the grocery store and my house... and of course... *have lunch with another group of 50-60 men. (*See Monday's post Day 1 of Spring Break)

Oh, darn it all... that wouldn't happen on a Saturday... because that 'special lunch' only happened because it was 'lunch time' during the work week.

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