Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Can Name that tune in.... uh, 3 minutes?

I was innocently minding my own business... thinking about how many stops were left before my destination.   When, suddenly a guy comes though the opened door, sets up his 'shop' (a portable CD player and a box of CDs) and proceeds to turn is boom box on playing snippets of various songs.   He speaks some (in Korean of course) and plays another song selection.   This repeats for a few minutes and then he bows and offers up the CD's for sale.   *Just like those late night tv commercials in the states... except for the 'bowing of course'....   How could I resist?  The collection is of 8 different CD's all by the original artists.   I don't remember the price... but, it was DIRT CHEAP!   

I have to admit that during my first time to work in Seoul, South Korea... that I had purchased the same sort of item in Cassette tape form.  (Probably the same guy?)    I had never listened to any of these CD's all the way though.  I just like to support the 'little guy' trying to earn an honest living and anytime anyone was selling something that 'I would actually use/want' ... I would buy it.   Even if it was a package of Korean envelopes.  *They don't come with glue on the envelope flaps. 

So, the other day, while arranging the music collection, (uh, putting it up after I found some more music cd's in a box that I unpacked.)  I decided to put this in my Jeep and listen to it on the way to/ from work.

Now, while the songs are all by the original artists... the collection of music is shall we say ... like a 'shuffle mix' that probably NO ONE in the world would actually own all of these songs in one music collection.  *OF course... there is one person:  ME!!!   ha ha

The combination is strange.   Some are big hit songs... "Walking on Sunshine" (hit from the 70's or 80's) and some songs... remind me of music that my grandfather would have played on his guitar with his friends and my uncles when I was a child.   SOME old stuff.   Some things are either the 'B SIDE' songs or maybe... I just didn't know the music...because there is such an odd mix of music... it's fun because you just never know what song is coming to play next.    A lot of the songs- I haven't heard in years... and don't tend to be the ones selected to be put on those Music CD collections that represent certain eras... like "Hits from the 70's" and the such.   Even if they were playing on the radio a lot.

I like a variety of music and it's been so much fun listening to these songs on my drive to/from work.

Today, I heard one of my favorite songs... a slow dancing song... (of which I haven't had a chance to do in years; sad to say)... "Stand by Your Man" or as a date told me once as we get up to go dance to that song ... that's a "BELLY RUBBING SONG"... When I gave him a quizzed look he said... "You can slow dance... real slow and close and NO BODY minds or thinks you are pushing the limits."

If you click on the photo- you can see a larger image and can maybe read the songs.   Do you recognize any of the songs?

Oh, I can't wait to get to Volume 6... I see another song that I really like:  Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

ooh... baby... another slow dancing song... too bad... there is nobody here to dance with me right now.  

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