Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I am so TIRED!!!

I spent the weekend 'unpacking' and moving boxes out of the downstairs hallway, living room, and guest bedroom.   *It's like another living area down there- with bedrooms/living room/bathroom and kitchen.  (no oven- just a fridge and a pizza oven).   Why was I doing this you ask?   Well, I had finished opening up the last of the boxes from my move, to check for any damages to add to any claims/etc., and in order to do this... I had hauled everything to these areas so that I'd have room to unpack the boxes and take things out of the boxes.   I also put things away that didn't have a home.   I walked up and down those stairs endless times.   My company (teacher friends from my previous base in Germany) are driving down from Germany to spend spring break here.   Two extra people are coming- so, that group now totals 4.  I had to get this all done so that there would be another guest bedroom, places to walk safely, and to just get it done.   I've been staying at school working on grading, finding out which children still had missing grades, and xeroxing off more lessons to replace the 'no name' papers.   Report cards are to be finished on Friday- so, I'm trying to get things taken care of before Friday.   No students on Friday.   I stayed last night until 8:30pm and tonight until almost 7pm.   (don't tell me that inability to make paragraphs is back... nooooooo!!!)    Sorry, for all the sentences clumped together- I can't space down for some reason like the last time that this happened.   Anyway, I did take time out to make some soup on Sunday.   I took it to lunch on Monday and Tuesday. 
I grabbed some of the bread from the previous week's bakery purchase out of the freezer and had a piece of nice bread to go along with my soup.
I like my spoon too.  It's from a set of 'silverware' (actually bronze) that I bought the first year I was overseas during a visit to Bangkok.   They are made out of hammered bronze... you can just see a 'hammered pattern' on the handle if you look closely (click to see a larger image).     Want the recipe?   I'll post it later-- so, the words aren't all smushed together in this one blog post since for some REASON I can't space down and make paragraph breaks!   Grrr

Ok, I did a quick 'save and post' and as a result - I was able to space down- so, if it continues to work:  I'll post the recipe down below!

iwouldratherbeknitting's ... Easy soup to make out of basic stuff...  

Makes about 4 servings - so, double the stuff if you want to make more soup!

3 Sweet Italian sausage links (remove the skin/casing) and fry in a skillet.  (so, use the whole package if you want to make more soup)

Remove the sausage from the frying pan and set aside.   Add about 1/2 cup of chopped onion (or more) to the leftover oil in the same pan.   Stir and sizzle until tender.   Add a clove or two of minced garlic.  Cook about one minute.

Get a pan for the soup part.  Add about 1- 2 cups of water and 1 can of chicken broth.
Add 1 can of chopped tomatoes (I use the petite chopped kind)
Add 1 can of white beans (rinse and drain first)  *it might be better to add 2 cans?
 Add the onions/garlic to the liquids.

Spices?  I added some fresh black pepper or coarse ground pepper, some salt (not much), and some Italian spices... (I just used one of those containers called:  Italian spices)
Cook the above for about 10-15 minutes.   

Add about 1/2 cup to 1 cup of pasta to the liquids.  *I bought what I used at the Italian grocery store- but, elbow macaroni would be fine too.

Cook until the pasta is tender but not overdone.   Add sausage.   Cook about 1 minute to warm the sausage up.   I'm sorry that I don't have exact measurements-- but, I tend to cook by just doing it.

Eat and enjoy!!!

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