Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 2 of spring break... 'back to the closed on Monday' shops...

So far, Spring Break is happening a little differently than I had envisioned.   Two of my teacher friends from my old school in Germany were supposed to drive down to spend Spring Break here.   Then, the two friends became a total of 4 making the trip.   Then, the driver of the group 'bailed'... then, another person (the one that I know best) ended up having a horrible infected molar tooth problem which included spending lots of euro at a German dentist's office and still after a week... no even having a temporary crown put on the tooth.  She still had to make more dental visits during Spring Break... and finally one more 'newly joined' member of their group got knocked down in the doorway of her classroom (by a Middle School student) and injured her foot.

So, as things looked like they were raveling apart- at the last minute, they decided not to come for spring break.  I had no other plans-- but, at the same time... I have plenty to keep me busy... including tons of stuff that I SHOULD be doing.

Yesterday, the first official 'not having to work' day... I took the day off... I went to the nearby town and had lunch at a great place (yesterday's blog post).  Last night, I called my good friend and fellow teacher, in England, and we had a nice visit on the phone... while we knitted.  *Speaker phone is great for this.   We had both taught in Seoul, South Korea and I had taught her how to knit there.

We're working on a plan for her to come and visit the week that school is out in June before we both go on summer holiday/travels/etc.

Today, I stopped at my local bakery and I got a little bread.  They had some new types of bread today that I've never seen there before in my very limited other visits.   

I went to the 'closed' yarn shop that I found yesterday.  It was actually more of a 'crafts' shop and it had stuff everywhere... jumbled up and quite truthfully... it reminded me of shopping in the market area (the buildings not just on the streets) of Tondaemun or Namdaemun Markets in Seoul, South Korea.   Part of the fun of shopping there was... the jumbled mess... of finding the treasure amongst all the other stuff.

Here are some photos of the place... and you'll see what I mean.
Some of the yarns for sale.

They also had the thin crochet thread.

See? Stuff is everywhere.  Someday, I want a craft room with open shelving to put all my yarns and various craft supplies.

They also had these rolls of really heavy felted material.  

More of the felted stuff.

Lots of beading supplies.
My friend, Lisa, that I taught how to knit when we both lived in Korea... loves orange (I don't) and whenever I see 'orange' yarn... I always refer to it as 'Lisa Orange'...  but, since it is her favorite color-- I do purchase nice orange-ish yarns to save for gift-giving occasions.  I did not buy any today.  (My favorite colors are:  blue, green, and purple.)
They had lots of colors of this really 'thin' nice, soft yarn.
I liked the little sweaters that someone had knitted up to show how the yarn looked knitted up.
I liked the 2 purple colors on the far left of the top shelf. 

The prices were reasonable.  They also had a large collection of wonderful ribbons that were sold by the meter. 

All in all, it was an interesting shop.   They had less yarn that I had thought that they would... but, it was a well stocked 'craft store'... and they even had styrofoam pieces, floss for cross-stitch, buttons, zippers, a large variety of items for crafting.    Now, I need to make lunch with some of my yummy bread that I got at the bakery this morning.   Then, I'm either going to clean house (sounds like loads of fun, huh?  NO!) and/or hang artwork on my walls.  I still haven't done that yet.    Come back tomorrow and I'll show you the yarn that I did buy and share more adventures of my:  Spring Break 

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