Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Confessing that I am 'easily amused'...

Ok, now you know that I'm easily amused.  But, come on; aren't they pretty?

The other day, I was in the big grocery store, and I noticed that they had some of these 'adapter' plug-y things.  In Germany, they mostly had the same type of prong... but, they had the fatter size (fatter than what is shown in the photo).  In both countries the outlets will be the thinner size and thicker.  However in Italy (at least in my rental house) most are the thinner size.

So, I needed to buy something that had the thinner end for the  'go into the wall' prongs and the inside part... thicker openings (of course the thinner size will fit there too) to fit some items that I have that have that size.   You have to really look for this type- prongs that are thinner going into the wall but the inside openings are thicker.   In Italy, the wall outlets have the 3 prongs like you see... but, the 2 prong only round ends will also fit into this socket.  In Germany, most had only the 2 outside round prongs.  *I have a wide collection of different types of prongs/etc.  

Of course, complicating things.. I also have some American type of items... so, I have to find something that I can plug the American type in... and then the other end is for the wall w/ the round ends.   (dual voltage or things like lamps where it doesn't matter as long as you buy the correct type of light bulb sold overseas- American wattage bulbs WON'T work at all!)

Yes some outlets have 2-3 things plugged together to make everything work.     No danger of fire though- it's just to make the right prong fit the wall socket.   You should have seen me when I first moved in; trying to make what I had work for plugging in the computer and other things.   Kind of like the tinker toys of the outlets.  So, I had basically run out of all options of piecing things together and I needed a couple more of this style (this is now the 3rd purchase of various types of outlet thingy-s)... and I found these clear plastic things!   And, even better, I won't have to do any stacking things together to make them work in the walls.

Not only are the right size along with the metal on the sides which means I can use them for things big power sucking appliances... (washer/dryer/refrigerator/ microwave/etc.)  but, just look at the bonus of having a nice clear blue or green color!

It's about time... that color came to these things!   I will use one this summer to plug in my DE-humidifier in the lower level of the house.  After all, I have valuable things stored down there- like my yarn!

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