Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 3 of Spring Break...

This is the type of bread that was easily found in the German bakeries.  However, the 'brown bread' isn't found as much in Italy.   It's my favorite type of bread though.  This bread was MUCH BETTER than the German bread though.  It was softer.  I put the more roundish one in the freezer.   The breads don't stay fresh long; so, I've learned to put most of my purchases in the freezer.

The Robin Egg's Blue 100% CASHMERE yarn that I bought!  For me!!!!  I think I'll knit a hat, maybe some fingerless gloves and if there is enough left:  a cowl.     It is so soft.  Like a kitten.  I want to name it George and pet it all day.   They also had some great dark charcoal grey in this color.  It would look great in a nice man's hat.  However, I didn't buy any because I don't know anyone to knit something that special (and expensive) for right now.  

This is a little darker than it really is.  Not a good photo; taken at night.  However, you get to see my lovely marble floor- which is the main reason that I rented this house.
This was taken in the bright sunshine; so it is a bit washed out.  So, imagine the real color of the green as being between both colors and it will be about right.   I loved that purple and it's also not 'as bright' as it shows in the photo.  I love that the yarn brand on the green says:  wool cat
Today was a busy day.  Yet, it seemed like I didn't really get anything done.   In the morning, I finished 'hand-washing' my knitted scarves and hats that I didn't finish yesterday.  I laid them outside on the balcony to dry and hoped that it wouldn't start raining as it was predicted.  I wrapped up a birthday present for a friend with a May birthday.  I made a Greek salad of sorts for lunch.  I used some of the green marinated fresh olives, feta cheese, sweet Italian cherry tomatoes (you can't believe how different they taste), a variety of salad greens, dark green (first pressing) local olive oil mixed in with some balsamic vinegar.    I had a chunk of the whole wheat and full of seeds (just the way I like it) bread roll that I found at the local bakery yesterday.  I dipped the bread in the olive oil.   It was yummy.  My lunch was made out of items that I bought in the big grocery store that I found yesterday.
Hand-washed knitted items getting ready to be put away for the warmer weather.

Later, I went on base and did all sorts of errands.  I did get my taxes completed and sent off.  I'm not getting much back and that was disappointing... considering my upcoming 'maybe' furlough days of lost wages.  I mailed a May birthday gift early, went to the PX to see what could be done about the shattered glass on my Ipad screen, I deposited a check from the Health Insurance Company from the health claim that I had submitted a few weeks ago, and several other errands.  Then I drove to the school to do a couple of quick things in my classroom.

Once, I got to my neighborhood, I tried to find some nice flower pots to put on my front steps.   I couldn't find anything that wasn't plastic (not big enough for the front steps).  It made me sad to think of the really nice blue glazed huge ceramic pots that I had to leave behind at my house in Germany... and how I gave them and all my other flower pots away.   

After arriving home... I continued to hang artwork on the walls.  Things are already looking better; like I live here.   However, I really have some paperwork that I need to do and I also need to do some more work on those 3 on-line college courses that I'm taking.    All in all, I was busy all day long... but, at the same time... it seems like I don't have much to show for the day's efforts?   Well, I do have 3 damp bath towels and some 'almost dry' freshly washed knitted items.

The yarn is really thin, but I'm going to knit 2 strands together in some sort of cardigan.   The purple was just such a nice color.  The green-ish grey color?  It didn't photograph very well- if you can imagine... half-way between both photos- that's the color.   I really liked the color- even though it might not look that 'exciting'... but, the color is exactly the color of my eyes!  I have green eyes... with a sometimes 'grey cast' to them.   I thought the yarn was a close match to my eyes and when I brought it home and held it to my face and looked in the mirror... it was an EXACT EYE COLOR MATCH!!! 

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