Friday, April 5, 2013

Mr. Peanut says... "IT'S FINALLY SPRING BREAK!!!"

It's Mr. Peanut from Texhoma Peanut Company in Madill, Oklahoma

He's carved out of a tree trunk... I think he's kind of cute and charming in a wooden peanut sort of way.   Where I grew up lots of peanuts were grown in the area and they still are.   Sometimes my best friend from college sends me a bag of roasted peanuts, in the shell, from this place for Christmas.  Always a yummy treat!   They sell other things besides peanuts of course... like fresh pecans, in season of course.   I love Oklahoma native pecans (pronounced the southern way:  PEE cons).   My aunt sent me a gallon sized zip lock bag of these most wonderful, already shelled, pecans from the trees on her land this year.   Oh my.  I haven't had any for years.  I love them.  They taste so much better than any others- especially the 'store bought' type of pecans.  I did not share them.  WITH ANYONE.   It just wasn't the right thing to do.   I don't mind sharing and am by nature a very 'giving and helpful person'... but, I just knew that I needed to eat everyone of the pecans.  I'd have  few everyday until they regretfully were gone.

And where I went to university... they have the "World's Largest Peanut"... on display at the county court house.

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