Sunday, April 28, 2013

Old Italian Door... hundreds of years old

I'm always noticing old windows, doors, doorknockers and mail slots.  Isn't that a nice set?  The door knocker is of course much older as indicated by the much simpler style.  IT is probably original to the door?   This door is hundreds of years old.   These wooden doors are about 10 foot tall or taller and over a foot thick.  I love the detailed work on the mail slot and the door handle.

Look at how simple the face is over the doorway.   Many old ledges, doors, etc. have statues or faces on them.   The door locks have also changed through the years- you can see 3 different styles.

The archway probably also held a wooden doorway long ago?  It is now a shop.  I really like the ornate ironwork on the balconies.  This is a very old building- one indicator is of course the 'barely there' Juliette balcony style.   The wooden shutters behind the balcony are fairly new; usually you'll see the wooden shutters that open outward on a building this old.


Ashish Singh said...

Antique door knobs and cabinet hardware has always attracted my eye too. I love the detailed work on them and the scriptures. I wish I had captured every picture of the antique hardware material I has ever come across.

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iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thank you for your comment. I've always taken photos of old wood, old doors, etc. Even before I moved overseas 25 years ago- of course then... it was usually old barns/etc.

I lost a lot of photos on my old computer... or I'd have even more photos to share.