Sunday, April 14, 2013

Basil and a naughty deer hat

I realized that I had never posted a photo of the 'naughty deer' hat that I had knitted for a friend.  *I had knitted when I was living in Germany... (slow internet that did not like posting photos to blogs).   I had found a photo of this hat pattern that someone else had knitted on the Internet and I sent it 'as a joke' to a friend who not only was a 'hunter' but his job was that of being a 'hunting guide.'

The next thing I know... he is begging for me to knit him a hat too.  I never thought he'd wear something like this- but, I did knit it and here is the result. 

Here it is being knitted.  NOTICE the deer and their 'deer activity?'  

All finished, notice the snow on my balcony in Germany?  Notice the 'snow drifts' on the balcony in Germany?   I think that the snow does look pretty sparkling because of the camera's flash.  I don't mind snow... (as long as it is not everyday for 6 months) if the SUN COMES OUT every so often... in Germany, it was dark, dreary, and gloomy for 6-7 months a year.  I drove to work in the dark and it got dark by 4:15-4:30.    I got my blood  tested and found that I was Vitamin D deficient.

THE was knitted out of 100% alpaca.   The hat was well-received by the new owner.   There was a lot of muttering going on while I was knitting my first fair isle/stranded color work knitted hat. 

And, now back in Italy....  look at what I bought...

The basil plant that I bought.  I have now replanted him in a bigger flower pot.  I need to buy more fresh herbs so I can start having a herb garden.  Of course, part of the problem is... when I go to the states during the summer... I won't have anyone to water things.     This is the side of my house and the brick area is my driveway.   My garage has ceramic tiles.   Makes me not want to park on it. 

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