Sunday, October 27, 2013

Time Zone Change in Italy arrives...

My knee woke me up with some pain on Sunday morning.  It was 5:50am.   A little late from my usual wake up of 5:00-5:30am.   However, I soon discovered that it was actually now an hour earlier...   because we had participated in the 'fall back' time zone change in the middle of the night.  Darn it all... why couldn't I have awaken about an hour later?   As it was, it was just too close to my usual WAKE UP time... and I couldn't get back to sleep.   I checked email... (only 2 messages:   1 nice one from a friend and one advertising one.  I read the nice email and deleted the other one.)   It's now 6am... (7am to my body) and I already gave in... I've been up for about 40 minutes...   I guess I'll make myself some breakfast (scrambled egg, juice, sausage, and a piece of the nice bread that I bought at the local bakery yesterday) since... I have plenty of time to PREPARE IT, right?    I didn't even get to sleep the ONE EXTRA HOUR that you get to have in the 'fall back one hour' time zone change.   Darn knee and waking me up too close to the usual 'wake up time'...    I hope your upcoming or current time zone change works out better.  

Saturday, October 26, 2013

An appreciated 'knitted gift'....

"What am I supposed to do with this thing?"   I'm used to those tiny purchased mice."

"grrr... must attack mouse... Oh, this is much more fun than those wimpy little purchased mice.."

What?  This is MY MOUSE and no one else can have it!

I think the mouse was a success?      *No pattern... I just free knit cat toys of all types.  (Some day, when I move back to America... and get to have my own pet cat... the cat will have lots of knitted toys.)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Small 'THANK YOU' to my friend's aunt for driving me to my physical therapy sessions while I was unable to drive...

One day, my friend's aunt... brought some plywood cut-out shapes to me when she picked me up.   She wanted to know if I'd 'paint' them to look like SUNFLOWERS???I don't have a photo of the beginning stages-- but, just like this but without any lines drawn.

I had limited paint colors (many were dried up) but, I did what I could.  I tore open a paper sack to use as protection for the outdoor wooden table.   I know myself and I am 'if nothing else' a little MESSY when I am doing my creative projects.

My friend's cats helped to supervise the job.   They actually were very good, watched me with interest, and stayed out of the paint, which I really appreciated because you could tell that at first they were a bit confused as to WHY ON EARTH WOULD I BE OUTSIDE 'unless' I was going to PET THEM???   I mean... that is what my job is, right?    So, here is the finished project.  Drying and waiting for their owner to pick them up the next day.   It took 3 hours- longer than one would expect.  (including myself)  However, that is what I've always noticed... people tend to think that "JUST BECAUSE" you might know how to do something... that it won't take you but a 'few minutes' to do something... because 'after all'... you know how, right?     Anyone else ever noticed that?     However, that being said... I was happy to do these for her as a THANK YOU for taking me to my physical therapy appointments.    Anyone been up to anything creative lately?   You know... one of those '5 minute projects' that really takes 3 hours or more?   ha ha

Thursday, October 17, 2013

What do you do... if you find something 'deeply discounted' but... it's just not your color?

 Like this?  Orange-y red color.  I don't like orange (not that there's not anything wrong with it) and I don't look good in orange... not even a nice 'orange-y red' like this sweater.  However look at that brand name!  It's 100% linen too.  

So, what's a gal to do?  Well, I decided to buy some 'Rit Dye' and dye that sweater to a more pleasing color.  *The sweater is still sort of wet in this photo.   What color do you think that I used to get this nice raisin brownish color?  

Purple!    So, don't pass up those wonderful 'deeply discounted' purchases... just because you don't like the color. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Auto correct really does have a mind of its own... maybe auto correct really wants to write comedy? Become a STAND UP COMEDIAN?

I have an Ipad with a cracked glass screen.  I also now have a Kindle Fire.

I woke up this morning... hot and sweaty because I had forgotten to turn down the house heat and the 'heat' was even more noticeable because... yesterday while doing laundry, changing bed linens... I also added the lightweight goose down comforter to my bed because my very thin cotton bedspread quilt wasn't warm enough anymore.

I just noticed that this is the message that I sent AS A RESPONSE TO MY FRIEND'S message:

Friend had sent me this message:

I finished my laundry, fed the horses, and managed to watch some good college football. Grilled some venison sausage a good day for sure.

Apparently, I had responded with this...

Well, guerrilla n g of food tops my day.  I forgot to turn the breakdown... woke up hot and sweaty. Sleeping under my bed with the winter bedding.. I now have the goose down n the bed.

I meant to say:  Well, grilling of food tops my day.  I forgot to turn the heat down... woke up hot and sweaty.  Sleeping in my bed with the winter bedding.. I now have the goose down comforter on the bed.       I haven't heard back from him yet- due to the time-zones.  Ha ha.. (I may never hear from him either!)  Had any funny 'auto correct' stories?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

They might look OK from the OUTSIDE... but, you never know what 'evil lurks' within....

What did this person take me to see?  Even though I had supplied her with several addresses of houses for sale and had told her that I was NOT INTERESTED in looking at or buying any RANCH HOUSES (not that there is anything wrong with them-- I just loved the old cottage styled houses in this neighborhood when I used to live in it 20something years ago).  I had even sent her photos of houses that were the type/style that I liked. Yes, that's right she showed me RANCH HOUSES and not just any ole ranch house... no, one that seemed to have some really big 'structural' damages!  Hey, I haven't watched HGTV during the summer for nothing!  *I am not in the photo.

 So, what do you think?  Should I have put in an "OFFER???"

Monday, October 7, 2013

I'm baaaaack in Italy... yes, June 24 to Sept 29th... is a long, long, long time

I missed Italy and mostly I miss my knee that didn't have an ugly scar running the length of it too.   However, these things in life happen and EVENTUALLY I hope that I'll have a knee that will work just as well as the one that I was born with....    I see that the blogger is doing the 'wacky stuff' where I can't space between paragraphs again.  Grrr     I did do some knitting while I was recovering- to give myself something 'fun to do' since I was trapped without a car (couldn't drive if I wanted to anyway) and my social life consisted of going to Physical Therapy once I was out of the hospital and rehab.  Packing for a knitter is a little different than regular folks... and since I can't sleep on planes (never have been able to for the past 24 years that I have worked overseas) ... I need some knitting for entertainment.  I don't take anything too complicated (small space is a big reason) because I do get 'brain tired' even if I can't sleep.   I usually take more than 1 project 'in case' something goes wrong-- pattern wise, wrong needle (yes, one time... I forgot to take the larger sized needle that you needed to use for the rest of the pattern AFTER I got started-- all of 1 inch got started) or something else you don't expect.   As a result, I usually try to already have a project or 2 started to prevent some of the knitting glitches that I had mentioned.  This time, I took a couple of projects that I had started in Germany and never finished (I had probably got pneumonia or something like that?)... a pair of socks (I had knitted the cuff, the heel, and most of the foot of the sock- but, I could tell that 'hope against hope' that the sock was going to be too big for me-- and the needles were no longer in the sock... (I had apparently needed that size of needles at one time and removed them for another use?)   so, I ripped the sock out to the cuff and knitted on them using a smaller needle and they fit perfect after I was finished! The other project was a sweater that I had started and had knitted about 1 1/2 inches of the bottom- both projects got finished... (well, I decided to lengthen the sleeves to my wrists - since I had extra yarn left over and I just need to knit the last sleeve - about 4-5 inches and then I'll be finished).   I also knitted 2 hats (birthday gift for a dear friend and a hat for the friend's mother) where I was staying in the states- as a THANK YOU for taking me to my doctor appointments.   I also knitted 7 dishcloths as gifts.  I bought some more yarn and knitted myself a blue/white pair of striped socks too.   (You can see how much MORE SWOLLEN, from the surgery, my right leg is in this photo of the blue socks.)   Photos 2, 4 and 5 are yarns from and the brown sock is some good German sock yarn that I bought when I lived there.  Regia brand.  The green cotton yarn used in the sweater (you can't tell much from that photo, can you?) is some amazing cotton yarn that I bought in Italy the first time that I lived here- about 1999.