Sunday, October 27, 2013

Time Zone Change in Italy arrives...

My knee woke me up with some pain on Sunday morning.  It was 5:50am.   A little late from my usual wake up of 5:00-5:30am.   However, I soon discovered that it was actually now an hour earlier...   because we had participated in the 'fall back' time zone change in the middle of the night.  Darn it all... why couldn't I have awaken about an hour later?   As it was, it was just too close to my usual WAKE UP time... and I couldn't get back to sleep.   I checked email... (only 2 messages:   1 nice one from a friend and one advertising one.  I read the nice email and deleted the other one.)   It's now 6am... (7am to my body) and I already gave in... I've been up for about 40 minutes...   I guess I'll make myself some breakfast (scrambled egg, juice, sausage, and a piece of the nice bread that I bought at the local bakery yesterday) since... I have plenty of time to PREPARE IT, right?    I didn't even get to sleep the ONE EXTRA HOUR that you get to have in the 'fall back one hour' time zone change.   Darn knee and waking me up too close to the usual 'wake up time'...    I hope your upcoming or current time zone change works out better.  

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