Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Small 'THANK YOU' to my friend's aunt for driving me to my physical therapy sessions while I was unable to drive...

One day, my friend's aunt... brought some plywood cut-out shapes to me when she picked me up.   She wanted to know if I'd 'paint' them to look like SUNFLOWERS???I don't have a photo of the beginning stages-- but, just like this but without any lines drawn.

I had limited paint colors (many were dried up) but, I did what I could.  I tore open a paper sack to use as protection for the outdoor wooden table.   I know myself and I am 'if nothing else' a little MESSY when I am doing my creative projects.

My friend's cats helped to supervise the job.   They actually were very good, watched me with interest, and stayed out of the paint, which I really appreciated because you could tell that at first they were a bit confused as to WHY ON EARTH WOULD I BE OUTSIDE 'unless' I was going to PET THEM???   I mean... that is what my job is, right?    So, here is the finished project.  Drying and waiting for their owner to pick them up the next day.   It took 3 hours- longer than one would expect.  (including myself)  However, that is what I've always noticed... people tend to think that "JUST BECAUSE" you might know how to do something... that it won't take you but a 'few minutes' to do something... because 'after all'... you know how, right?     Anyone else ever noticed that?     However, that being said... I was happy to do these for her as a THANK YOU for taking me to my physical therapy appointments.    Anyone been up to anything creative lately?   You know... one of those '5 minute projects' that really takes 3 hours or more?   ha ha

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