Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is it time to start knitting a face mask?

Of course, they wouldn't help much w/ airborne viruses.. but, they'd look cute.

To take your mind off the news just a bit.. here's a funny photo that I found on the 'mystery' vapors of the Internet.

I love the expression on the cat's face.. and he/she is also being so patient.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Introducing... "THE GREEN MONKEY"

hey, hey... I'm a green monkey and I'm just a 'monkeying around'.... cause, I'm a monkey... yeah, yeah...

uhem... (never said I could sing).... here is the mystery knitted item, mentioned in a previous post a few days ago. Now all knitted up, stuffed, and sewn together ready to be mailed off to someone tomorrow.

Of course, since he was a monkey.. I just had to take him to school.. I knew he'd fit right in.. since the last few weeks for an elementary school teacher is sort of like teaching a classroom full of monkeys! And since, I had my daily playground duty at recess... The monkey couldn't resist going outside with me and 'monkeying around' on the playground equiptment at school.

He was an instant hit with the children on the playground and quite a few put in immediate requests for me to make them one. I resisted saying, "Not in your lifetime!" Of course, that is the immediate and uncontrolled response after you spent hours and hours knitting the cute little fella over several days and then over an hour SEWING THE MONKEY PARTS TOGETHER and finally finish at 11pm. Or maybe it was the lack of sleep that was making my subconcious cranky?

*click on the photos for a larger, clearer view

Green Monkey tried to play basketball with the 3rd graders... however, his arms and legs were just a tiny bit too short for him to get a good enough grasp to actually move the ball much less heave it from the ground.

Hey, let me out of here! Suddenly the monkey realized that he was on the right side of the fence, the side with the playground equiptment, and not in a zoo as he initially thought. I think he is blushing just a little.

And what monkey can resist climbing a tree?

Green monkey decided to see how well he could hide in grass. Wait! Where did the monkey go?
Oh there he is! He would so win at 'hide and seek.'

The Green Monkey.. decided that he wanted to check out the base library to see if they had any books about monkeys. He needed a little help to be able to check out the sign. Darn it, the library was closed.

However, Green Monkey is sure that Elvis Presley probably visited this library, and checked out monkey books, when he was stationed in the Army in this area.

After returning home, I went to get some water for my newly planted flowers and discovered
Green monkey
giving his approval to my new flowers that I recently planted. I'm glad that he hopped out before I started watering the flowers.

Forgot to add the monkey pattern location: (I did modifications to the pattern.. but, this is the basic pattern.)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ok, you've found the perfect tree

Maybe the tree needed moving because of a new building being built? Or maybe.. you found a nice tree on the side of the road?

No matter where or why the tree was found.. you now have a new tree and of course now you have a problem... how.. to get it home?

If you happen to be in Germany... maybe you suddenly remember that 'cousin Franz' is now working on the road construction crew.. maybe he can help you out? Or maybe COUSIN FRANZ decided to give a new home to a recently uprooted tree?

Anyway... as I approached this slow moving bulldozer... I noticed something a bit unusual about the cargo...

Up ahead I notice a bulldozer and adjust my speed.. I look for on-coming traffic so, that I can pass safely.. I don't notice anything in the opposite lane.. just noticing the early beginnings of spring... trees beginning to bud...

I approach closer to the bulldozer... and realize that the TREE that I thought was just part of the scenery was actually being transported by the bulldozer.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I think that I might have accidently driven to the Czech Republic on my way home yesterday

But, I'm not completely sure... However, I clearly was experiencing a 'Toto, we're not in Kansas moment' so, it is indeed possible that I could have crossed a border or two?

Why you ask? Well, as I was driving home.. There was a detour and being an obedient driver and there was no other option- I followed the detour and eventually found a sign leading to the little 'village' (ok, it is a place with 5 houses) that is less than 2 miles from my house. The detour was some road construction and it looks like they are widening the roads by about 18 inches. That's going to be a pretty narrow shoulder on our 'shoulder-less' roads.

Look you can see how close I was.. that's my town/village to the right. Not a side road to be found either.

Well, my 'self' pat on the back for finding my way home through a detour.. faded quickly as I approached the road .. only 2 miles away from the right turn to my ... there was another 'road detour'.. and I had to turn LEFT away from my home.. I eventually drove around this mountain.. I never saw the name of any town that I recognized.

OF course, all of the towns were little mountain villages... that looked just like those photos that you see on the 1,000 puzzle piece boxes.. maybe even a few looked like some of Heidi's cousins could have herded cattle and sheep in the big grassy fields.

AS in.. on the back and opposite side of this mountain.. and then the detour kept leading me way, way past the mountain to the north. This could be when I entered the Czech Republic by accident.

SEE THIS mountain? I was so far past it to the north (your right as you look at the photo) that the mountain looked so far away...and the side facing you in the photo is where my house is located.
Let's just say this... it took almost an hour and half to get home and it usually takes me 15 minutes to get home.

So, if you don't hear from me for a few days... they might have extended the detour and I really did have to detour all the way to the Czech Republic.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My flowers

See here's proof that spring is on it's way to Bavaria, Germany

I purchased some flowering plants this weekend and I bought some huge bags of potting soil when I got off work yesterday. I put the new flowers in the window boxes. They already look so neat from the inside of the house too- I can see them when I walk by the windows. Here in Germany (and Italy where I lived) they build houses with really wide window sills on the inside and the outside of the house. Big enough to put those long flower boxes on them.

The flowers don't look like much now-- but, they should start growing and blooming like crazy soon. I also purchased 2 really, really big (read: heavy) flower pots for the steps going to my house and also for the downstairs patio area. I bought a collection of 'pink/purple' flowers for the downstairs patio area and potted them in one of the big container pots too.

Of course, buying flowers in a German Garden Center.. was a bit of a hit and miss.. I saw quite a few plants that were neat looking-- but, I wasn't familiar with them- so, I didn't know if they'd last all summer or if they'd do well in the full sun (outside balcony off the living room) or in shaded areas.. (downstairs patio area) or mixed sun/shade.. (front of the house) So, I stuck with plants that I recognized.

I also bought some herbs and will plant them this weekend. Yes, I did forget about them and didn't buy them a big flower pot. So, it's another trip to purchase a big flower pot for them.

Oh, a lot of the bulbs that I planted last fall.. have started coming up and even a few are flowering.. but, I apparently have a multitude of those pesky garden snails. It seems that quite a few have been snacking on the growing/flowering newly planted bulbs as a late night dessert snack. I know that these snails do help the soil- but, they went too far when they decided that new bulbs were midnight snack foods. and I bought some stuff that is supposed to get rid of them. I'll only put it in the flower bed areas by the downstairs patio.

AND.. since I haven't posted any knitting in awhile... what do you think that this is going to be?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter in Germany Part 2

Finally figured out what was wrong w/ the downloading of photos... *I ended up having to buy a new card reader.. So, we are back in business...

Here are some more photos of my local area and the fountains/etc decorated for Easter. IF you'll notice on the plaque on one of them-- the year that the fountain was created was 1932.. of course, I don't know what the words say in German.. but, I'm sure it's like most towns.. they tell the name of the fountain, who/why it was created and when.

Ok, let the photo viewing begin... THE 'egg' decoration that looks like a crown is in a nearby town.. where I go to the doctor. The one w/ the fountain is in the town where the military base: Grafenwohr is located. That one was the most elaborate one that I saw.

The bunny in the window? He's on display at a German Driving School.. you did notice the 'safety vest' right?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dreams do come true...

I couldn't upload the video here.. (darn slow Internet here)... but, it is worth the watch.. safe for work, safe for children, the elderly and small animals.

Great for those.. having a bad day... you'll feel so much better after watching this..

What is your dream that is buried deep down inside?

Mine? I've always wanted to write a book.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shhhuuu WEEE... what's that smell?

It is spring time in Bavaria. Temperatures are warmer... but, just not hot enough to use the AC (Oh boy! I have air conditioning in my car now.. hey, this is a big deal- I haven't had it since 1989 and I've lived in the tropics without AC.. oh yeah.. nothing like having your shirt stick to the leather seats... just adds to the hot leather burns on your bare legs.. So, the working AC is a really big deal for me.)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes.. telling you about springtime in Bavaria, Germany. It's getting warmer.. farmers are plowing the fields, birds are chirping, grass is turning green... and you see farmers plowing their fields. You noticed that I said that part twice, huh?

Well.. you see.. this being my FIRST SPRING IN GERMANY.. I have learned something new.. the AIR STINKS HERE.. I mean.. gag you with a spoon stink. Let me put it this way.. have you ever been in a barn? In a chicken house? Near a pig sty? Amongst a large group of animals.. then you know how the 'air' can smell of shall we say it.. MANURE? If you have... experienced that 'special smell'....

Then, just imagine farmers.. saving the manure.. drying it out.. later adding water to it.. to make a concentrated stinky liquid. And, then.. one day.. oh, say in the SPRING TIME... and then.. they take this stinky liquid and spray it over the freshly planted seeds... and soon you have not just a smell.. of stinky-ness.. oh no, the entire land, forest, roadsides, (even where there are not any freshly plowed fields) stinks.. stinks.. stinks of manure. I grew up on a farm.. and it's far worse than the 'certain' areas of stinkyness found on a farm.. since, it is EVERYWHERE! You can't escape the stinky air.

At this point, I'm wondering how long it will take to dissipate into the air? I know it's longer than a week- because that is how long I've been smelling the stinky air.

I'm so grateful that the snow is gone and finally we see the sunny skies, the flowers blooming, the clear skies, the budding trees... but as you look out onto the farmland rolling hillsides.. the mountains in the distance.. It's such a beautiful image... except for the STINKY AIR..

Today, while driving home.. I was thinking that the smell should be bottled and dropped down on enemy forces.. maybe even the pirates that have seen too many 'pirate glorifying movies'... I'm sure that the sudden overpowering STINK would at least make their eyes water... and that would surely hinder the success and intensity of their attacks? I mean how tough can crying pirates seem/be?

And truth be told, I feel the need to go out and buy about a 100 of those pine air-freshener trees to hang all over my Jeep. Anyone willing to send me some? I haven't seen them for sale here.

If I could take photos of the stinky smell.. you know I would.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring is in the air...

My first group of tulips just bloomed today... The sun is shining, birds are chirping... but, before you start flying a kite and walking hand in hand with a nearby stranger...

THIS is a reminder of what it looked like here.. not too long ago. Remember I had mentioned the SNOWSFALLS that we were experiencings a few times? Here are a few photos...And, as you look at them.. remember.. they did NOT CANCEL SCHOOL! NOT ONE DAY! *I was home during some of it.. sick with pneumonia so, I missed a couple of times having to drive in the snow to work

*There are 8 steps covered in snow... and the snow did get deeper than these photos show- but, they are still in the camera waiting to be downloaded to my computer.

Please feel free to return to your enjoyment of the return of spring.. and maybe the above photos will help you really appreciate your spring like conditions (for the readers currently experiencing spring weather).

*I still can't (for some stupid reason) download new photos...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

AND don't forget to put on a new fancy outfit.

*Photo taken in Cambodia (or was it Bali?)... where they dress up statues in snappy outfits.

I would have shared more Easter photos of my local region.. but, for some reason- I can no longer download photos. As a result, of this frustrating problem, I've used up all available 'problem solving' braincells trying to figure out why this is happening. A result of the diminished braincells side effect which also prevented me from being able to write a thoughtful, witty, or otherwise entertaining blog entry too.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring break adventures...

*Click on photos for a larger and clearer view..

Yesterday, I went shopping with a friend and we noticed that the town that we were in had 'decorated' for Easter. The frame actually moved slowly in a circle.

I also saw one town (we didn't stop) that had used a statue in town as part of their Easter decorations. The town closest to where I live has also decorated their fountain- I'll take a photo of it this week.. (didn't have my camera the other day).

Spring break is almost over and so far.. I've had a lot of fun.. so, now.. I need to get busy doing much needed 'work' while I can.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Need a laugh? Have about 10 minutes to kill?

If so, check out this website by yahoo:

You'll be instantly connected w/ a random stranger.. (not exactly a chat room- you and the stranger are the only ones chatting or typing as I like to call it)

Anyway.. I found out about it on today. I had a couple of conservations.. and the one that made me laugh out loud was this one:

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: sir or ma'am?
You: hi random stranger
You: I'm a human.. and you?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I guess he/she was confused that I preferred to be known as a HUMAN .. after all.. what would it matter that I was male or female.. after all.. we weren't going to get married in the first 5 minutes, right?

Another one wanted to know if I was WHITE *I told him/her that my walls were white. lol *After all, what would that matter anyway? It was the first thing that the 'stranger' typed.

However, I will say that I had a nice long chat with a young man in Canada.. (unemployed) so the teacher part of me tried to help him.. and encouraged him to go to one of the employment centers (he called it: centres) to take those tests to help you find out what jobs you'd be inclined to well in...

AND.. I also had a nice conservations with someone in FINLAND..

Go check it out and let me know how it goes for you... and you can disconnect at any time.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Yes, today... as of 3:30pm (my time in Germany) I became officially on spring break!

MY plans?

Today, I went to the grocery store, Post Office, and made an appointment
to get the snow tires removed and the regular tires put back on. *Earliest
date? April 22. At least, I should be covered if it snows again.

1. I will put away the snow shovel. Hey, I'm hoping that the weather really will
get warm soon.

2. I'm having some teacher friends over for movie night tomorrow night. No sit
down meal or anything- but, I thought that something 'fun' should be done to
honor the first weekend of freedom.

3. I will find the phone number of the movers to have them come by and pick up the
empty boxes from my move.. last fall *Hey, don't look at me like that-
I have them on the back patio and I didn't want anyone falling down the snow
covered stairs while I was at work. See, I was just thinking about others. Also, I rarely saw these boxes.. they were outside on a patio closed off because of the Long, long German winter... so, I wasn't reminded about the boxes by seeing them on a regular basis.

I went to the base library and picked up some movies for tomorrow. I got 3 that I had never seen before- but, their description sounded interesting-- but, then again.. don't all of the movie descriptions on the back of the movie cases sound good? I mean, what are they going to say? "This movie is boring, most people fall asleep."

I also picked up: Ferris Buller's Day Off (School related for a group of school
teachers you see) and 9 to 5. I haven't seen either movie in years- but, I do remember them as being funny.

THE MENU for tomorrow night?

I'm going to make a dessert, a few other items and the main dish will be:


What's that.. you don't know what Frito Chili Pie is? Oh my.. let me enlighten you... ok, maybe it is a southern thing? I haven't had one in years.. but, here is what you do.


FRITO CHIPS (regular size)
Shredded cheddar cheese
Onions; chopped

You make some chili (I guess you could buy the chili in a can?)
*Make sure the chili is nice and hot.

Put some regular sized FRITOS in a bowl (you make this an individual serving) that fits your hunger level.. but, then again.. if you discover that you love FRITO CHILI PIE .. you can always make yourself another serving.

So, Frito's in a bowl, dip some chili on top, add some cheese (heat of the chili will melt some of the cheese), squeeze some mustard on top, and sprinkle some chopped onions. STIR.. Eat, and soon you'll start speaking with a southern drawl.

Ok, maybe the drawl part won't happen...

When I was in High School.. there was even a place across the street from the school-that served this dish. Of course, instead of a bowl for the dish.. they'd just cut a slit on the top (longways) of the small package of Frito chips and then add the ingredients. This dish was also served in the snack bar of High School sporting events.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Buy it NOW!

I saw this sign in a local German store. I had to laugh... I was sure that it didn't mean what I was imaging that it meant...

But it now, Dam it! Buy it now Stupid! It's on sale, what are you waiting for? or even Our prices can't be beat. Dammit!
Everything must go, Damit!

I looked up the meaning and it translates to: *Come on say out loud what you think it means... and scroll down for the meaning.

out with it