Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shhhuuu WEEE... what's that smell?

It is spring time in Bavaria. Temperatures are warmer... but, just not hot enough to use the AC (Oh boy! I have air conditioning in my car now.. hey, this is a big deal- I haven't had it since 1989 and I've lived in the tropics without AC.. oh yeah.. nothing like having your shirt stick to the leather seats... just adds to the hot leather burns on your bare legs.. So, the working AC is a really big deal for me.)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes.. telling you about springtime in Bavaria, Germany. It's getting warmer.. farmers are plowing the fields, birds are chirping, grass is turning green... and you see farmers plowing their fields. You noticed that I said that part twice, huh?

Well.. you see.. this being my FIRST SPRING IN GERMANY.. I have learned something new.. the AIR STINKS HERE.. I mean.. gag you with a spoon stink. Let me put it this way.. have you ever been in a barn? In a chicken house? Near a pig sty? Amongst a large group of animals.. then you know how the 'air' can smell of shall we say it.. MANURE? If you have... experienced that 'special smell'....

Then, just imagine farmers.. saving the manure.. drying it out.. later adding water to it.. to make a concentrated stinky liquid. And, then.. one day.. oh, say in the SPRING TIME... and then.. they take this stinky liquid and spray it over the freshly planted seeds... and soon you have not just a smell.. of stinky-ness.. oh no, the entire land, forest, roadsides, (even where there are not any freshly plowed fields) stinks.. stinks.. stinks of manure. I grew up on a farm.. and it's far worse than the 'certain' areas of stinkyness found on a farm.. since, it is EVERYWHERE! You can't escape the stinky air.

At this point, I'm wondering how long it will take to dissipate into the air? I know it's longer than a week- because that is how long I've been smelling the stinky air.

I'm so grateful that the snow is gone and finally we see the sunny skies, the flowers blooming, the clear skies, the budding trees... but as you look out onto the farmland rolling hillsides.. the mountains in the distance.. It's such a beautiful image... except for the STINKY AIR..

Today, while driving home.. I was thinking that the smell should be bottled and dropped down on enemy forces.. maybe even the pirates that have seen too many 'pirate glorifying movies'... I'm sure that the sudden overpowering STINK would at least make their eyes water... and that would surely hinder the success and intensity of their attacks? I mean how tough can crying pirates seem/be?

And truth be told, I feel the need to go out and buy about a 100 of those pine air-freshener trees to hang all over my Jeep. Anyone willing to send me some? I haven't seen them for sale here.

If I could take photos of the stinky smell.. you know I would.


Renna said...

Ah, the lovely smell of compost 'tea'. ;-Þ I guess the nearest thing I could compare it to would be the odor of a feedlot. Ick!

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

I can somewhat sympathize the refinary here stinks most days and we live within 2 miles of it... but I'll take refinery over manure.. LOL!!