Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring break adventures...

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Yesterday, I went shopping with a friend and we noticed that the town that we were in had 'decorated' for Easter. The frame actually moved slowly in a circle.

I also saw one town (we didn't stop) that had used a statue in town as part of their Easter decorations. The town closest to where I live has also decorated their fountain- I'll take a photo of it this week.. (didn't have my camera the other day).

Spring break is almost over and so far.. I've had a lot of fun.. so, now.. I need to get busy doing much needed 'work' while I can.

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susanc said...

Oh my gosh - I LOVE the Easter decorations! I have a collection of wooden German Easter and Christmas ornaments. They are my absolute favorites. The Germans know how to do this very well! How festive - I wish I were there, but at least I can "live" vicariously through your blog. Thanks for sharing such great photos! Please keep them coming!