Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ok, you've found the perfect tree

Maybe the tree needed moving because of a new building being built? Or maybe.. you found a nice tree on the side of the road?

No matter where or why the tree was found.. you now have a new tree and of course now you have a problem... how.. to get it home?

If you happen to be in Germany... maybe you suddenly remember that 'cousin Franz' is now working on the road construction crew.. maybe he can help you out? Or maybe COUSIN FRANZ decided to give a new home to a recently uprooted tree?

Anyway... as I approached this slow moving bulldozer... I noticed something a bit unusual about the cargo...

Up ahead I notice a bulldozer and adjust my speed.. I look for on-coming traffic so, that I can pass safely.. I don't notice anything in the opposite lane.. just noticing the early beginnings of spring... trees beginning to bud...

I approach closer to the bulldozer... and realize that the TREE that I thought was just part of the scenery was actually being transported by the bulldozer.

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