Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My flowers

See here's proof that spring is on it's way to Bavaria, Germany

I purchased some flowering plants this weekend and I bought some huge bags of potting soil when I got off work yesterday. I put the new flowers in the window boxes. They already look so neat from the inside of the house too- I can see them when I walk by the windows. Here in Germany (and Italy where I lived) they build houses with really wide window sills on the inside and the outside of the house. Big enough to put those long flower boxes on them.

The flowers don't look like much now-- but, they should start growing and blooming like crazy soon. I also purchased 2 really, really big (read: heavy) flower pots for the steps going to my house and also for the downstairs patio area. I bought a collection of 'pink/purple' flowers for the downstairs patio area and potted them in one of the big container pots too.

Of course, buying flowers in a German Garden Center.. was a bit of a hit and miss.. I saw quite a few plants that were neat looking-- but, I wasn't familiar with them- so, I didn't know if they'd last all summer or if they'd do well in the full sun (outside balcony off the living room) or in shaded areas.. (downstairs patio area) or mixed sun/shade.. (front of the house) So, I stuck with plants that I recognized.

I also bought some herbs and will plant them this weekend. Yes, I did forget about them and didn't buy them a big flower pot. So, it's another trip to purchase a big flower pot for them.

Oh, a lot of the bulbs that I planted last fall.. have started coming up and even a few are flowering.. but, I apparently have a multitude of those pesky garden snails. It seems that quite a few have been snacking on the growing/flowering newly planted bulbs as a late night dessert snack. I know that these snails do help the soil- but, they went too far when they decided that new bulbs were midnight snack foods. and I bought some stuff that is supposed to get rid of them. I'll only put it in the flower bed areas by the downstairs patio.

AND.. since I haven't posted any knitting in awhile... what do you think that this is going to be?


Renna said...

Nothing perks one spirits after a long winter like colorful spring flowers. I have no idea what you are knitting, but I am very curious!

Laura said...

Gorgeous floral pictures and very nice blog! I'm Greeneyes on Ravelry.
Visit me on my blog when you have time and be sure to leave a comment.