Monday, April 27, 2009

Introducing... "THE GREEN MONKEY"

hey, hey... I'm a green monkey and I'm just a 'monkeying around'.... cause, I'm a monkey... yeah, yeah...

uhem... (never said I could sing).... here is the mystery knitted item, mentioned in a previous post a few days ago. Now all knitted up, stuffed, and sewn together ready to be mailed off to someone tomorrow.

Of course, since he was a monkey.. I just had to take him to school.. I knew he'd fit right in.. since the last few weeks for an elementary school teacher is sort of like teaching a classroom full of monkeys! And since, I had my daily playground duty at recess... The monkey couldn't resist going outside with me and 'monkeying around' on the playground equiptment at school.

He was an instant hit with the children on the playground and quite a few put in immediate requests for me to make them one. I resisted saying, "Not in your lifetime!" Of course, that is the immediate and uncontrolled response after you spent hours and hours knitting the cute little fella over several days and then over an hour SEWING THE MONKEY PARTS TOGETHER and finally finish at 11pm. Or maybe it was the lack of sleep that was making my subconcious cranky?

*click on the photos for a larger, clearer view

Green Monkey tried to play basketball with the 3rd graders... however, his arms and legs were just a tiny bit too short for him to get a good enough grasp to actually move the ball much less heave it from the ground.

Hey, let me out of here! Suddenly the monkey realized that he was on the right side of the fence, the side with the playground equiptment, and not in a zoo as he initially thought. I think he is blushing just a little.

And what monkey can resist climbing a tree?

Green monkey decided to see how well he could hide in grass. Wait! Where did the monkey go?
Oh there he is! He would so win at 'hide and seek.'

The Green Monkey.. decided that he wanted to check out the base library to see if they had any books about monkeys. He needed a little help to be able to check out the sign. Darn it, the library was closed.

However, Green Monkey is sure that Elvis Presley probably visited this library, and checked out monkey books, when he was stationed in the Army in this area.

After returning home, I went to get some water for my newly planted flowers and discovered
Green monkey
giving his approval to my new flowers that I recently planted. I'm glad that he hopped out before I started watering the flowers.

Forgot to add the monkey pattern location: (I did modifications to the pattern.. but, this is the basic pattern.)


Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

That is one cute little monkey!!

Anonymous said...

The photos all came up this time when I looked. I love the Monkey's day of adventures at school.

Francoise from Ravelry

Renna said...

Green Monkey is adorable, and I loved the pictorial.

The little cuties looking on from the corner of the playground looked quite interested in the goings on of Green Monkey. ;-)

Roosdorentje: said...

I like the green monkey :D

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I just heard from my friend and she loved the GREEN MONKEY! She said that she has him sitting by the tv in her bedroom. I bet he watches tv while she is at work, don't you?

Renna said...

And eats all her bananas, no doubt! ;-)