Friday, April 3, 2009


Yes, today... as of 3:30pm (my time in Germany) I became officially on spring break!

MY plans?

Today, I went to the grocery store, Post Office, and made an appointment
to get the snow tires removed and the regular tires put back on. *Earliest
date? April 22. At least, I should be covered if it snows again.

1. I will put away the snow shovel. Hey, I'm hoping that the weather really will
get warm soon.

2. I'm having some teacher friends over for movie night tomorrow night. No sit
down meal or anything- but, I thought that something 'fun' should be done to
honor the first weekend of freedom.

3. I will find the phone number of the movers to have them come by and pick up the
empty boxes from my move.. last fall *Hey, don't look at me like that-
I have them on the back patio and I didn't want anyone falling down the snow
covered stairs while I was at work. See, I was just thinking about others. Also, I rarely saw these boxes.. they were outside on a patio closed off because of the Long, long German winter... so, I wasn't reminded about the boxes by seeing them on a regular basis.

I went to the base library and picked up some movies for tomorrow. I got 3 that I had never seen before- but, their description sounded interesting-- but, then again.. don't all of the movie descriptions on the back of the movie cases sound good? I mean, what are they going to say? "This movie is boring, most people fall asleep."

I also picked up: Ferris Buller's Day Off (School related for a group of school
teachers you see) and 9 to 5. I haven't seen either movie in years- but, I do remember them as being funny.

THE MENU for tomorrow night?

I'm going to make a dessert, a few other items and the main dish will be:


What's that.. you don't know what Frito Chili Pie is? Oh my.. let me enlighten you... ok, maybe it is a southern thing? I haven't had one in years.. but, here is what you do.


FRITO CHIPS (regular size)
Shredded cheddar cheese
Onions; chopped

You make some chili (I guess you could buy the chili in a can?)
*Make sure the chili is nice and hot.

Put some regular sized FRITOS in a bowl (you make this an individual serving) that fits your hunger level.. but, then again.. if you discover that you love FRITO CHILI PIE .. you can always make yourself another serving.

So, Frito's in a bowl, dip some chili on top, add some cheese (heat of the chili will melt some of the cheese), squeeze some mustard on top, and sprinkle some chopped onions. STIR.. Eat, and soon you'll start speaking with a southern drawl.

Ok, maybe the drawl part won't happen...

When I was in High School.. there was even a place across the street from the school-that served this dish. Of course, instead of a bowl for the dish.. they'd just cut a slit on the top (longways) of the small package of Frito chips and then add the ingredients. This dish was also served in the snack bar of High School sporting events.


Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Sounds like your getting your spring break off to a great start!!!

Renna said...

Your weekend party sounds like it was probably a lot of fun! I love frito pie. We eat it at least every week or two all winter long, and even sometimes in the summer (we have HOT summers).

I haven't seen either of the movies you mentioned in years, but I remember both as being hysterically funny.

It was so considerate of you about those boxes...;-)