Monday, March 31, 2008

My neighborhood

So, grab your cardigan and let's take a walk around my neighborhood...

My apartment complex and my actual building. There are 10 buildings over about 2-3 city blocks. There are several little outdoor park areas, playground equipment for children. The Han River is right past this building.

Advertisements of local events... plays, music performances/etc. MOST will be in Korean. *Ask me how I know. :D Did you notice: HAIRSPRAY?

This is where I get my hair cut.. it's across the street from my apartment. The first floor is a restaurant. I've heard that it's good and expensive. Enough said, I have not been there yet... and I've lived here almost 3 years. So, it is likely that I'll never have a meal there.. but, there are many good restaurants in my neighborhood, that I have been to though.

Some of the food sold on the street.
Asian Pears.. so, yummy.

I call these 'healthy donuts'.. it's about an inch ball of dough, w/ some brown sugar stuffed on the inside.. cooked on top of a heated metal barrel.. which causes them to PUFF UP.. and the brown sugar on the inside to caramelize and melt.. which = so good. No oils are used.. so, I think my reasoning that they are healthy donuts is accurate, right? RIGHT?

Some of the flavorful tangerines. The tangerine season is almost over. They smell and taste great. The peeling almost comes off in one piece.

Puffed snack foods.. kind of like 'small pieces' of rice cakes.. or crunchy eatable Styrofoam?

Roasted chestnuts. When I moved to Korea, the first time in 1991.. being a southern gal.. I was pretty excited to see the Christmas song.. in action.. chestnuts roasting on an open fire.. (and this is exactly how they cook them in Korea) I couldn't wait to try them. However, I'm sorry to say that my first taste.. I uncontrollably spit out.. because it tasted so awful. I just think that if you grew up eating them.. you'd think that they were wonderful. However, I thought they were just a hot 'mushy' and without flavor. I have not had another one since either. What can I say? I grew up eating pecans freshly fallen from pecan trees.

This lady is selling the little tiny bottles of the liquid yogurt drink. I love, love them. I have never seen them sold in the states- but, I don't know that they aren't in the bigger cities?

This is where I pay my phone bill.. which I need to remember to do.. like yesterday..

Seoul Tower.. a landmark for Seoul. The military base is right below this tower. This is also where I enter the subway. The tower isn't very visible in this photo- it was hazy the day that I took the photo.

It's beautiful at night.

Oh, and we are so civilized here.. that they even give the 'gangs' their own park to hang out in.. hee hee..

This sign has always amused me. Actually, it is a park.. at the HAN RIVER.. as seen in photos out my window (go check out the evil yellow dust entry for photos)

A few more of the apartments in my building complex..

These are located across the street from my apartment.

Whew, that took about 30-40 minutes.. searching for photos in all of my different photo albums on my computer.. I hope you've enjoyed the tour... and it wasn't even a three hour boat tour that ended up being for years and years!

However, apparently if you were on that 'unfaithful' 3 hour cruise.. your items of clothing.. would never seem to wear out.. and the fancy girl 'Ginger'. apparently packed for a year for her 3 hour boat tour... Even as a kid, I never understood how or why that would happen. My favorites? Mary Ann and the Professor. (For the non-American viewers.. I was referring to a tv show that was on tv in the 60's (?) called: Gillian's Island

Oh by the way, did I mention that I'll be going on spring break this Friday for several days? I'm going on a real vacation.. more details about where.. coming soon.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Elvis gave me away..

Or maybe it was the traditional GERMAN HOUSE? OR even the German castle?

Anyway.. you guessed it.. I'm moving to: GERMANY!!

Right where that red star is.. **CLICK on the photos for a larger map image

Here's a close-up map.. to show you the area better.. I right by the town of: Grafenwoehr in Bavaria...

Do you see that big ole space where there aren't any town names? Well, that would be where the Army base is located and where my job will be located.

AND the good news? I will be an ELEMENTARY ART TEACHER in a brand new school! It will open up this August.

The bad news? I had better get myself over there as soon as possible to try to find a place to live-- since, if enough new families are moving to this location and have enough children to fill a brand new school-- that means THAT MANY PEOPLE WILL BE MOVING TO THE SAME PLACE over a short period of time ALL looking for a place to live! And, since.. I'm a MERE civilian-- I can't live in on-base or military housing.

I am happy with the location and the job.. However, to be truthful, I had my heart set on returning to Italy or going to Spain or England.. but, this will be in a scenic location, with clean air, and lots of new people to meet. I am close enough to Italy that I can go there and visit. One of my friends is moving to England, so I'll get to go and visit her.

I also 'sort of' know a couple of teachers from my school here in Korea that are moving to the new school too.

A little tidbit of information- when I typed in an 'image' search for Grafenwoehr, Germany.. I found that first photo on yesterday's blog.. it seems that not only was Elvis stationed in Germany.. but, he was stationed at the very base that I am moving to! What a deal, huh?

(uh, it's POST.. as in an ARMY POST.. the AIR FORCE has bases.. but, I refuse to call them a POST.. just call me: Johnny Rebel!)

So.. there you go.. and in a few months, this will become a blog full of EUROPEAN photos! :D

PS.. Surely, I wasn't the only one to notice the towns of: HUB and GRUB? hee hee

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I got a transfer! I got a TRANSFER!!

Where will I be teaching? Here's a hint..

Ok, still don't know? Here's another hint..

Need one more hint? Ok, here's your final hint...

So, give me your guesses (country and north/south/east/west/etc... and what you think I'll be teaching.. and I'll post more information tomorrow..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One of my treasures...

This 'love note' was made for me not too long after I became an art teacher in Oklahoma in the 1980's. This was the only time that this little 3rd grade boy wrote me a note.. he brought it up to me and beaming the biggest smile he could manage.. said in his southern drawl, "Ms. Hand, I made this for you."

He was a full-fledged eight year old Oklahoma cowboy who happened to have a younger sister and female cousin who wore pigtails and boots. When you read what he has written- you'll know that for a little cowboy.. he has paid me the highest compliment that he could. It is a message of pure love and is so treasured that when I evacuated from the eruption of the volcano, Mt. Pinatubo, at my first overseas teaching assignment in the Philippines- I took my important papers, 3 days worth of clothing, the quilt my grandmother had made me, and this framed message with me.

The bittersweet part? His grandmother was a teacher at the same school that I was teaching at in Oklahoma. At lunch, I proudly showed the note that he had written to her. Her only comment? She pursed her lips tightly and said, "He is a terrible speller."

Personally, I think she was just jealous that he wrote it for me and not for her. :D

Here's the translation:

Dear Miss Hand,
Even though you don't wear ponytails and you don't wear boots,
you still are a country girl. I think you are a country girl.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Remember when

I said that I was having problems with downloading the 'youtube' video on my blog? Well, I guess it was stuck in a time warp called 'THE INTERNETS'.. because, 2 days later the video was suddenly posted in my blog.

So, watch the video if you haven't seen it before.

I'll have a brand new posting tomorrow... and maybe, maybe.. maybe.. I'll have news about a transfer? It's a good thing that I'm basically an optimistic type of person-because.. otherwise, I'd be right up there in the 'stress/fret' land... about this possible transfer or not.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Your Three words

I saw this a few months ago and it is worth sharing. Some of them put big ole lumps in your throat and tears in your eyes.

What are your 3 words?

How do you know you've bought enough?

When they have to tape your bag shut and form a handle out of the tape for you!

Or maybe it's when you can't carry anything more and you know that you need to be able to carry all that you purchase for the subway ride, and a few blocks walk to your apartment?

The motto of shopping here.. you stop buying when you can't carry it all in one load . *Since, there is no 'let's go put this in the car' and continue shopping plan here.

This is not a city of parking lots, traffic is everywhere but.. parking is very limited. So, I always walk, take the subway, or a taxi.. depending on where I'm going and how far away it is.

PS.. Update on the transfer round.. we 'might' know by the end of this week. Maybe I should do another poll for everyone to guess which day they send out the annoucements of who got a transfer? :D

Saturday, March 22, 2008

3 words...

Here's a video from youtube.. safe for work- assuming you can watch videos at work. (I can't)
I tried to download it and post it here-- couldn't make it work.. I tried and tried- but, there is a point.. when you need to say, "I'm not going to continue trying- the stress isn't worth it."

Anyway, it's a video of short clips of people with three words that are important to them. You might have seen it? I saw it a few months ago, but it is worth sharing. A couple of them 'put that big ole lump' in your throat.

What are your three words? Share them in your comments.

Mine would be: Enjoy small moments

Friday, March 21, 2008

Nothing exciting to report

So, here's something that I saw on the side of the road here in Korea.

I like the addition of the blooming Morning Glories. :D

No word about the transfer either- the latest info that we have said, "Maybe next week."...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some days are like that..

ever feel like you are swimming upstream, trying to make a point but your voice.. is drowned out by life's events???

*click on photos for a larger view...

I saw this poor little 'fish' at a local grocery store here in Seoul.. and the poor little fella looked he was trying to warn the other fish or maybe he was saying: "I have just begun to fight!" or even "Lassie, quick go get Timmy!"

and he just made me a little sad...

**The little fella at the bottom looks like he is regretting 'swimming towards the bright shiny' object.. which turned out to be a lure and a trap.

Here's a better view of the fish group:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I need a new coat.. but, WHAT COLOR? Maybe I should see what seems to be the most popular color?

WELL.. what do you think? Do you think that 'maybe' BLACK is the most popular color? Or do you think there is a law about 'coat colors' that I don't know about?

Maybe it was written in Korean on that custom's form that I signed when I entered the country: "I, _____________ promise to wear a black coat during the winter months while I am in Korea." :D

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


NO news about the transfer YET.. maybe, tomorrow?

Ok, sing with me.. "TOMORROW.. tomorrow.."

I went to the yarn market really quick after school today-- went to pick up some cashmere wool fabric (for a coat) that I was supposed to get for a friend.. but, they've changed the fabric for the spring season too.. and when I went Saturday.. I paid the guy and he gestured at the calendar and told me to come back this week.. but, when I went back today- I found out that they are out of the dark charcoal cashmere.. Oops.. Darn the yellow dust preventing me from going to the market on the days that the yellow dust levels are higher than normal..(ok, and there was that slight problem of me forgetting to go to the 3rd floor to buy the cashmere during the times that I did go to the market)

We also went down to the yarn market in the basement and noticed that very little wool is out for sale too.. the yarns have also changed with the season. I did buy some really pretty thin 100% silk yarn from Italy though. It was so pretty.. that it just begged me to bring it home. HONEST.. the yarn looked at me with those fuzzy yarny 'eyes' and I couldn't resist.. ok, maybe that part didn't happen.. but, it was my favorite mixture of colors and it was silk.. did I mention that part?

When we left the market- we stopped at the little shoppette and saw the egg sandwich man.. and his new family... egg sandwich man story details here..

AND.. sorry, no knitting today, nor did I remember my camera to take photos of the different stages of knitting the LOG CABIN SQUARES.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Log Cabin knitted Afghan

In case you want to make your own afghan.. here's how you do it.

*I'm happy to report that I now have ALMOST 9 1/2 OF THE SQUARES FINISHED.

I used 5.0mm bamboo knitting needles.. (circulars) My gauge is 5 stitches to an inch and my finished squares are 9 inches square.. give or take.

I am using a 100 % Merino wool from Australia by the brand name of: JOBA YARNS "Melody" One skein of 50 gram wool makes one square with a little left over and I've already started using the small amounts for beginning center squares or even some of the 'knitted sides'.. and I might end up with some extra squares by doing it this way. I decided to use 'garter stitch' (knitted on both sides- so, that there wouldn't be a right or a wrong side)

Center square: Cast on 15 stitches and knit 27 rows and cast off the stitches, on the next row (RS) until only one stitch is left on your right needle. 28 rows knitted in all.

I think that it's actually easier to count the sets of double rows.. so, if you do it that way when you get 13 full sets of double rows (26 rows) knit one more row on the back side (WS). 27 rows in all.

You will now be on the front side (RS and now 28th row) and you need to cast off all of the stitches until 1 stitch is left on your right needle. Slightly turn your knitting so that you will now pick up stitches on the left side of the (right needle).

I just picked up the 'valley' bars.. found between the 'knit row' bump stitches. *trust me, you'll see what I'm talking about- in case I've lost you. THEN, when you finally get to the sides and you have to pick up the stitches that have 'already been bound or cast off'.. you make sure that your needle is under both of the loops that are formed at the top of a 'cast off' edge.

Hint:***When you start picking up stitches on the new side, DO NOT PICK UP THE STITCH THAT IS CLOSEST TO THE "STITCH" that was left on the needle after you bind off or cast off the stitches. IF you do-- your picked up row will be wider than it needs to be and your square will be wonky instead of 'square.

A HINT: When you get to 'what looks like is your last stitch to pick up' .. stick your needle one more time through the last part of the stitches (just not in the exact corner) at the end of the row that you've been picking stitches up on and pick up that last stitch. KIND OF PULL YOUR STITCHES STRAIGHT to see if the ends (of the previous knitting) lines up w/ the last stitch that you've picked up.. if they aren't even.. you do need to pick up one more stitch near this end/corner.

NOW, this row and ALL OF THE OTHER ROWS.. will be knitted for 11 rows and cast off (bind off) on the 12th row which will be on the front side (RS) of your knitting. Or in other words.. you will have 5 full double knitted ridges, knit one more row on the WS (back) which is now your 11th row. When you get to the front side.. you will cast these stitches off and repeat the same step on each side.. until..

YOU HAVE TWO KNITTED EDGES/SECTIONS on all 4 sides of the center square.

Bind off/cast off these stitches or leave them 'live' on scrap yarn.. or if you have extra needles.. just leave some w/ the needles in them. My plan later is to have some 'live' stitches.. so, that I can pick up yarn to knit the border of the solid colored yarn. This border will be between each square.

I think that we'll need to make 20 squares.. and I'll lay it out and maybe make another group of 5 squares so I can make another strip and make the afghan wider.

I'm sorry.. I hope that you can follow this.. I'm sure that there are patterns out there-- but, I just 'winged' this.. if you have any problems-- just send an email or a comment and I'll help you out. I'll try to take more detailed photos of the different stages tomorrow and post them.

AND it honestly is: super easy, fun, a fast knit, a great use of left-over yarns, or multi-changing yarns like I'm using, it might even make your teeth whiter, eyes brighter, or something along those lines. :D

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Will I be able to endure my newest knitting project?

I recently ran across this yarn in the Seoul Yarn Market. I loved the way that the colors changed in each skein of yarn. I couldn't decide which ones I liked best- so, I bought a package (of 10) of two different color-ways. Each photo has skeins representing different color ways. Even if they don't look exactly similar. I have another colorway, on my desk at school. The one at school is made up of 'greens and blues.' The yarn is a soft merino wool from Australia.
Each skein is a total surprise as you knit them up.

*click on the photos for a 'close up' yarn photo

One night, I took a skein out and started knitting a swatch; to see how the yarn knitted up and to test the gauge/etc. I ended up turning it into a 'log cabin' quilt block and that's when I got a great idea. MAYBE, I would finally be able to endue knitting long enough to make an afghan? I'd always wanted to knit an afghan, but.. I knew that it would be doubtful that I'd keep knitting and knitting and knitting until it was finished.

I showed my friend, Lisa (who I'm teaching how to knit) what I had made so far and she was interested in making one for herself too! So, we agreed that she'd buy 2 more packages of the yarn in two different colors from what I'd purchased the first day and that way we could divide it up and we'd both have 4 different colors and enough yarn to make our own afghan.

They really are fast and fun to knit, because each one turns out differently when you knit each block. Here are some that I have already knitted. (I have about 3 more in the car- but, truthfully.. I did not want to take the elevator down to the parking garage to get them. I'm trying to pretend it was because I didn't have enough time and needed to do other things- not that I was being particularly lazy today.) :D

You might have noticed the 'solid' blue strips on one of the blocks? Well, when I went down to the market a week ago- for the 'fastest' visit to the yarn market that I've ever made .. to pick up the 2 additional packages of the yarn.. I didn't notice that one of the packages had 9 skeins of yarn instead of the 10 skeins that it should have had in it. Since, it was my oversight, I gave Lisa her full set of the 20 skeins of yarn and I took the set that would be missing one skein. So, I went through my 'yarn stash' knowing that surely in the stash somewhere I'd be able to find a coordinating yarn for the knitted quilt blocks. I did and I've added the blue to two or three of the knitted quilt blocks so far and will add it to another one- so, it looks like a planned design element instead of looking like I ran out of yarn!

Lisa and I went back to the yarn market yesterday, to select a solid colored yarn to be the knitted borders to join the different blocks together. We found a really nice slate federal blue and it looks like it will join all the various colors together in a very pleasing manner.

It was a good thing that we went to the yarn market yesterday to get our wool coordinating yarn, because when we arrived to the market we noticed that most of the vendors had already started changing out the winter wools for the new summer yarn stock.

All I can say is: Oh boy! More yarn to adopt! *Like I need anymore yarn! :D

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I know that you have probably said to yourself many times.. now, just where can I find

real sparkly hoochie mama outfits?
*click on the photos for the enlarged sparkly photos

Answer: Tondaemun (Dongdaemun) Market, Seoul, South Korea

Friday, March 14, 2008

Feel free to make your own joke..

A Korean brand of toilet paper that I saw on a recent shopping trip, sitting on the stairs, in my local Korean grocery store.

Ok, giggling like a 12 year old... but, seriously, isn't that an amusing brand name choice?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

People, we finally have a new poll

Yep, time to dust that ole 'poll' maker thing off and give it another go round..

Here's the topic.. I have applied for a transfer to another location. It's not a guarantee that I'll get the job.. but, it's still a possibility. We won't know who did/didn't get a transfer until next week.. just enough time to fill out the poll before the offical message gets to me next week.

I have applied to several countries. OH, in case you don't know or remember.. I teach the children of the US Military on overseas locations.

I like Korea, but I need to get out of the 'evil' yellow dust. (talked about in yesterday's post) I've lived here 3 different times for three years each. It's time to see new landscapes, see new sights, buy new things, find undiscovered yarn to purchase.. (although the yarn market here is fabulous and it will be truly missed.) In the past 18 years, I've not lived in any place longer than 3 years.. and this is my third year this time for Seoul.

So, check out the poll and vote where do you think that I'll get a transfer to? One choice, is that I won't get one and will stay here in Seoul, Korea for another year.
I had to put Japan down on my transfer application- but, I don't want to go there and it is at the bottom of my list of locations.

I couldn't add "STAY IN KOREA" to the poll selection (Well, I added it- but, there must be a limit of choices that can go up for answers?)

SO, if that is your choice .. leave a comment stating that fact.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


It arrived yesterday morning and 36 hours later it is still here.. IT IS CURRENTLY IN THE 'YELLOW LEVEL'...

Green is 0-100...
Yellow 100-200... problems for children, those w/ asthma and other respiratory
problems (me)
Blue 200-400 (Hazardous for all)
Orange 400-799 Danger! Will Robinson! Danger!!
Purple.. above 800.. (HOLD YOUR BREATH? GET A GAS MASK?)

Last night, I woke up and got some water.. looked out the window and I could tell it was a bad, bad, bad sky out there.. got on the military website.. where this stuff is monitored and it was in the blue level!

As a reminder, this was taken just last week.. (of course they were taken later in the day than today's photo of the 'evil yellow dust' so visibility should be less than today's photo anyway.. but, you can clearly see that the photo taken at SUNSET is far clearer than today's 4:20 pm photo)


I really do think that this is our future danger to our environment. Evil dirty air dropping in for a visit from other countries that aren't doing their part to prevent air pollution. The YELLOW DUST comes from the Gobi Desert in China. It contains some air pollution and a mix of fine chemicals that are the big problem to inhale. There is nothing that we can do here in Korea to prevent this from being blown by the air currents. It is worse every year and the season lasts longer and arrives earlier each year.

Last year, at almost exactly the same time, I spent 10 days in the hospital because of the EVIL YELLOW DUST.. the levels got over 1500. I was sick for months, weeks.. it took a long time to get well. *I developed pneumonia after I was in the emergency room and that added to the length of recovery time.

I hope to move this year and am waiting any day to find out where I might be moving to.. I am hoping for ITALY..

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Need a snack?

YOU live in Seoul, Korea and don't have time to stop off at one of the market areas...

So, you decide to go to your local grocery store and you look around..

and you see it.. SOME 'canned' SNACKS..

Yes, it is a can of 'silk larvae'.. and you can buy the same thing in the markets and around the city.. but, they are freshly steamed in the markets. This is a VERY COMMON snack.. about as common as you'd see hotdogs or french fries for sale in the states.

What's that? Did you ask what did the steaming silk larvae smell like?

Well, it's a smell that I've never actually smelled .. but, It reminds me of what 'boiled' dirty, nasty, sweaty, gym socks would smell like.. but, much, much worse.

And, yes.. I did sneak a photo op in the local grocery store.. no one was around, and I was quick... but, then again.. I figure if someone sees me.. that I'm just 'entertainment' for them.. just doing my part. :D

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Do you like ICE CREAM?

On Saturday, I played tour guide for a few friends on an adventure and subway ride to a couple of stops in Seoul, South Korea.

On our way home, we stopped at 'what had been proclaimed' as the most wonderful ice-cream shop on the 4th floor of a new Department store building. After much searching, we actually found the crowded ice-cream shop on the 7th floor.

There were four of us on our outing. We had already had lunch and weren't hungry enough to order our own ice-cream.. so, three of us ordered an ice cream dish, to share, that looked good, from the photo, on the menu board. *It's always nice to be able to point to a photo.. since, the words are almost always only in Korean- because, I'm in Korea.

Looks good, doesn't it? Actually, it wasn't ice-cream.. more of a snow cone with fruit syrup poured on it, some fruit (bananas, kiwi, and some apples), a small dish of whipping cream, and.. a very unexpected 'side-dish' was included with all ice-cream purchases..

scroll down..


Yes, you are seeing that right.. dry white toast.

WHY? I have no idea.. we were giggling so bad, it was hard to eat the 'snow-cone/ ice-cream'. I was the brave one and took a bite of the toast first and discovered that it was just plain white bread- lightly toasted.

We then looked around and noticed that every table had a bowl of this toast too. We decided "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Uh, when in "Korea, do as the Koreans do."... and we all took a taste of the dry toasted white bread.

We just couldn't figure out why there would be that combination served together, and never would I have guessed 'lightly toasted white bread' would ever be served along side an ice-cream type of dessert dish.

Was it for dipping the ice-cream juices? Was it to take the sweet taste from your mouth? Was it to rub on your forehead for 'brain freezes?' WHY???

Anyway.. It's just another day in the life of someone living overseas.. each day is a new and unexpected adventure.. you just never know what the day holds.

Here is our tray as it looked 'delivered' to our table..

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Gratitude or 'Thank you for the useless gift?'

See this little baby hat?

This is a little hat that I lovingly knitted for a former co-worker. I had also purchased little hand-crocheted little flowers that I sewed on, in one cluster, on the hat and even if I have to say so myself- it looked like something adorable that you'd find a fancy smancy baby boutique. I had also showed it to a few people and they all did the involuntary cries of 'oooh, how cute!', when they saw the hat.

I had received a Christmas card with the news that she was expecting a little girl this spring. I knew that California didn't have really cold weather- especially not in San Diego.. but, I also figured that at night and/or for outings along the water- a simple knitted acrylic hat (not wool) would be a useful item for a new baby. AND, I would assume that the baby 'might travel' elsewhere too? I made it large enough to wear for the entire first couple of winters. I also mentioned in my 'Congratulations' card, that I enclosed with my gift, that I knew that it wouldn't get very cold in California.. and as a result I had not knitted the hat out of wool- but, instead chose soft acrylic yarn for the hat.

*Yes, I am aware of the climate of our American states- I know the zones with four seasons, which areas have more temperate temperatures, but even in one state the temperature can vary vastly, etc.. but, I also know that I see 'famous people' in LA show in photos wearing hats, scarves, and coats as if it were COLD in LA too!

This week, I received a thank you note. It says and I quote:

Dear_________________, (iwouldratherbeknitting)

Thank you for the cute baby hat! "Heidi" (not the baby's real name) won't need it until we move to a colder climate. San Diego is pretty nice
. *The moving wouldn't happen for at least 2-3 years because of her husband's job.

Now, while I do appreciate that she sent a 'thank you note'.. because, it's always nice to know that a package made it through the postal system without being damaged or lost.. when I read it a second time.. I just didn't feel that it was much of a 'thank you note'..

I mean.. they probably won't be moving for another 2-3 years to a new location (hat will be too small by then to wear in the new 'colder climate').

AND.. if nothing else.. just simply say.. oh, the color is adorable and will look so cute on our future daughter, how kind of you to take the time to knit our new daughter a hat and we will treasure it, I can't believe that you took the time to knit a hat, the hat looks like something you'd buy in a store, how thoughtful of you to remember our upcoming addition to our family, the hat is so cute-- and the flowers just add the just right 'girl' touch, or something to that effect.

AND, the kicker? She knows how to knit.. simple knit and purl. I had helped her with her knitting before she left.

So, I'm sad to say.. the second time that I read the card.. I realized it basically said something along these lines.. but, maybe she didn't mean it to sound that way?

Thank you for the cute, but useless baby hat.

hee hee..

Of course, maybe I just read the intent of the message wrong? However, I just think that so many other options of 'thank you' that could have been said, even if you hated the hat, thought it was stupid, etc,.. other than the way it was written.

Oh well, I knitted it with a good heart and just knew that any baby girl would look cute in a little hat that looks a little like a flower.. w/ little flowers on the brim, and could be used at some point or other?? Or just stashed on a baby doll in the future?

Edited to add:
I forgot to mention that a tiny part of me, did want to write back, and say something along these lines.. "I'm sorry that my gift will be so useless, please feel free to donate it to a hospital, a homeless shelter, a battered woman's shelter, or even to this address (provided in the message) to those in Afghanistan who will certainly find the hat more useful.

PS: The hat is a soft lavender.. I knitted it a girl color-- because the Christmas card let me know that they were going to have a baby girl.
I'm sorry, about the photo quality.. I took it with a flash.. (and you know what that does to color?) because- it's often dark when I get home from work. I apologize for not mentioning the color in my post. :|

So, what do you think? Rude or not?