Monday, March 17, 2008

Log Cabin knitted Afghan

In case you want to make your own afghan.. here's how you do it.

*I'm happy to report that I now have ALMOST 9 1/2 OF THE SQUARES FINISHED.

I used 5.0mm bamboo knitting needles.. (circulars) My gauge is 5 stitches to an inch and my finished squares are 9 inches square.. give or take.

I am using a 100 % Merino wool from Australia by the brand name of: JOBA YARNS "Melody" One skein of 50 gram wool makes one square with a little left over and I've already started using the small amounts for beginning center squares or even some of the 'knitted sides'.. and I might end up with some extra squares by doing it this way. I decided to use 'garter stitch' (knitted on both sides- so, that there wouldn't be a right or a wrong side)

Center square: Cast on 15 stitches and knit 27 rows and cast off the stitches, on the next row (RS) until only one stitch is left on your right needle. 28 rows knitted in all.

I think that it's actually easier to count the sets of double rows.. so, if you do it that way when you get 13 full sets of double rows (26 rows) knit one more row on the back side (WS). 27 rows in all.

You will now be on the front side (RS and now 28th row) and you need to cast off all of the stitches until 1 stitch is left on your right needle. Slightly turn your knitting so that you will now pick up stitches on the left side of the (right needle).

I just picked up the 'valley' bars.. found between the 'knit row' bump stitches. *trust me, you'll see what I'm talking about- in case I've lost you. THEN, when you finally get to the sides and you have to pick up the stitches that have 'already been bound or cast off'.. you make sure that your needle is under both of the loops that are formed at the top of a 'cast off' edge.

Hint:***When you start picking up stitches on the new side, DO NOT PICK UP THE STITCH THAT IS CLOSEST TO THE "STITCH" that was left on the needle after you bind off or cast off the stitches. IF you do-- your picked up row will be wider than it needs to be and your square will be wonky instead of 'square.

A HINT: When you get to 'what looks like is your last stitch to pick up' .. stick your needle one more time through the last part of the stitches (just not in the exact corner) at the end of the row that you've been picking stitches up on and pick up that last stitch. KIND OF PULL YOUR STITCHES STRAIGHT to see if the ends (of the previous knitting) lines up w/ the last stitch that you've picked up.. if they aren't even.. you do need to pick up one more stitch near this end/corner.

NOW, this row and ALL OF THE OTHER ROWS.. will be knitted for 11 rows and cast off (bind off) on the 12th row which will be on the front side (RS) of your knitting. Or in other words.. you will have 5 full double knitted ridges, knit one more row on the WS (back) which is now your 11th row. When you get to the front side.. you will cast these stitches off and repeat the same step on each side.. until..

YOU HAVE TWO KNITTED EDGES/SECTIONS on all 4 sides of the center square.

Bind off/cast off these stitches or leave them 'live' on scrap yarn.. or if you have extra needles.. just leave some w/ the needles in them. My plan later is to have some 'live' stitches.. so, that I can pick up yarn to knit the border of the solid colored yarn. This border will be between each square.

I think that we'll need to make 20 squares.. and I'll lay it out and maybe make another group of 5 squares so I can make another strip and make the afghan wider.

I'm sorry.. I hope that you can follow this.. I'm sure that there are patterns out there-- but, I just 'winged' this.. if you have any problems-- just send an email or a comment and I'll help you out. I'll try to take more detailed photos of the different stages tomorrow and post them.

AND it honestly is: super easy, fun, a fast knit, a great use of left-over yarns, or multi-changing yarns like I'm using, it might even make your teeth whiter, eyes brighter, or something along those lines. :D


susanc said...

Thank you for posting the pattern. I have a lot of leftover yarn that would be perfect for this.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

You're welcome. It is super easy, I carry the one I'm working on with me- in case I have time to knit even one row on it- I did several rows on the subway today.

Be sure to send a photo of your finished afghan! :D

I think it's perfect for left-over yarn.. I'm using one solid color to tie in all the squares.. just like a cloth quilt uses.