Thursday, March 6, 2008

I wonder what the ballerina program is?

ALL I know is that IF I was doing the ballerina program.. the only thing that I can picture is that Lucy episode.. where she gets her leg stuck on the bar and can't remove it.

Of course, I doubt that I could even get my leg up on the bar in the first place... so, getting stuck would not be a factor!

AND.. what is the organic program? A diet of only raw veggies and hopping like a bunny for exercise? Or is it pesticide free foods?

I don't even know what type of business this is for.. it's just a sign that I saw on the street near where I live. I'm assuming it's for a business on the 2nd or 3rd floor- since, I didn't see anything 'that might offer' any of these programs on the ground floor.

***MAYBE I SHOULDN'T mention that I've been munching on Girl Scout cookies that were in my birthday box that a good friend sent me in the mail. Of course, maybe I should go and check out the ballerina program after eating all of these Girl Scout cookies.

AND, I could attend the 'ballerina program' wearing my padded butt panties too.

Back story found here:

Pricing rates: 10,000 won = $12.00 (about)

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