Sunday, March 9, 2008

Do you like ICE CREAM?

On Saturday, I played tour guide for a few friends on an adventure and subway ride to a couple of stops in Seoul, South Korea.

On our way home, we stopped at 'what had been proclaimed' as the most wonderful ice-cream shop on the 4th floor of a new Department store building. After much searching, we actually found the crowded ice-cream shop on the 7th floor.

There were four of us on our outing. We had already had lunch and weren't hungry enough to order our own ice-cream.. so, three of us ordered an ice cream dish, to share, that looked good, from the photo, on the menu board. *It's always nice to be able to point to a photo.. since, the words are almost always only in Korean- because, I'm in Korea.

Looks good, doesn't it? Actually, it wasn't ice-cream.. more of a snow cone with fruit syrup poured on it, some fruit (bananas, kiwi, and some apples), a small dish of whipping cream, and.. a very unexpected 'side-dish' was included with all ice-cream purchases..

scroll down..


Yes, you are seeing that right.. dry white toast.

WHY? I have no idea.. we were giggling so bad, it was hard to eat the 'snow-cone/ ice-cream'. I was the brave one and took a bite of the toast first and discovered that it was just plain white bread- lightly toasted.

We then looked around and noticed that every table had a bowl of this toast too. We decided "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Uh, when in "Korea, do as the Koreans do."... and we all took a taste of the dry toasted white bread.

We just couldn't figure out why there would be that combination served together, and never would I have guessed 'lightly toasted white bread' would ever be served along side an ice-cream type of dessert dish.

Was it for dipping the ice-cream juices? Was it to take the sweet taste from your mouth? Was it to rub on your forehead for 'brain freezes?' WHY???

Anyway.. It's just another day in the life of someone living overseas.. each day is a new and unexpected adventure.. you just never know what the day holds.

Here is our tray as it looked 'delivered' to our table..


Elana said...

Dry toast?! That's so strange. Were there any locals around that you could watch and see how they ate it?

p.s. I came here from the blogging discussion on Rav. :)

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Good to see you here Elana..

Well, since the place was so crowded we were sitting outside in an open balcony area.. we were the only ones there.

However, our plan when we walked through the main area to depart the place.. was for each of us to look in different directions to see 'if' others had the toast, and if they did .. 'what' were they doing with it.

EVERY table had the toast.. some we could tell that they had eaten it all, or parts of it.. but, in our short walk through the main area of the ice-cream place.. there wasn't enough time to see 'when/how/why' they were eating the toast.

It just wasn't a 'side-dish' that I would ever expect to get w/ ice-cream. :D