Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Freak SNOW STORM.. News at 11

Today at 12 noon; unpredicted 'snow' began to fall. No, you couldn't even say that it was snowing- because actually it was a blizzard out there.. huge heavy white flakes falling so fast that you couldn't see anything but white stuff. The ground was completely covered in sbout 5 minutes.
It was in the
trees, on the fence, .. and as quick as it arrived.. it was gone. It snowed for almost 15 minutes and was melted within 7 minutes.

The unusual part- besides the heavy blizzard like 'unexpected snow' was that the temperature was about 36*- 38*F at the time.

It started up again that afternoon... it was strange.. some of those snowflakes were 2 inches in size!

Did I have my camera? NOOoooo... I had left it by the computer when I downloaded photos yesterday.

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