Thursday, March 13, 2008

People, we finally have a new poll

Yep, time to dust that ole 'poll' maker thing off and give it another go round..

Here's the topic.. I have applied for a transfer to another location. It's not a guarantee that I'll get the job.. but, it's still a possibility. We won't know who did/didn't get a transfer until next week.. just enough time to fill out the poll before the offical message gets to me next week.

I have applied to several countries. OH, in case you don't know or remember.. I teach the children of the US Military on overseas locations.

I like Korea, but I need to get out of the 'evil' yellow dust. (talked about in yesterday's post) I've lived here 3 different times for three years each. It's time to see new landscapes, see new sights, buy new things, find undiscovered yarn to purchase.. (although the yarn market here is fabulous and it will be truly missed.) In the past 18 years, I've not lived in any place longer than 3 years.. and this is my third year this time for Seoul.

So, check out the poll and vote where do you think that I'll get a transfer to? One choice, is that I won't get one and will stay here in Seoul, Korea for another year.
I had to put Japan down on my transfer application- but, I don't want to go there and it is at the bottom of my list of locations.

I couldn't add "STAY IN KOREA" to the poll selection (Well, I added it- but, there must be a limit of choices that can go up for answers?)

SO, if that is your choice .. leave a comment stating that fact.


Miss Hannah said...

Where would you most like to go? Spain is lovely and warm with limited EVIL YELLOW DUST so that's where I'd go, but England's quite nice too -if you don't mind the wind, rain and occasional flood!

Hope you get away from the dust!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

northern Italy is my choice. :D

No known openings though- unless someone there gets a transfer and then 'their' job is now open.. and someone with more years than myself didn't put down the same place. *it's all iffy, to say the least.

Susan said...

I would go to Italy, land of my great grandparents & my favorite food but I don't know about the knitting there. England has some great yarn, but a lot of rain. Hmmm, don't know about the rest but I would like to see Japan for the gardening. I guess we'll just have to wait to see where you go.