Monday, March 3, 2008


Here's how much of the hat that I have knitted.. *From Saturday's blog entry (East meets West)

I really like the way that this is looking and the back side of the hat has an interesting texture stitch pattern.. and I think that I have enough yarn to make a matching scarf. The thin yarn is the same Italian mohair (different colorway of course) of the lace scarf that is shown below. On the surface, it may appear to be a simple knit and purl stitch.. however, it has some little 'tricks up it's knitting sleeve' so to speak.. which I am sure that is what makes the back side look so textured with it's own unique stitch pattern too.

AND.. then.. there.. was.. some... really.. pretty... yarn.. and I needed to knit it up..

I knitted this lace scarf for a friend's mother. I'm slowly knitting nice lace scarves for all of my friends and also for any older ladies that I know. I figure that anyone in their 70's grew up during or immediately after the depression.. they've had a long life and deserve a little luxury. The stitch pattern is from the 2nd book of stitch patterns by Barbara Walker. It's a great book and worth buying.

I included the scarf all ready for gift-giving in my friend's birthday box of goodies for himself- so, he can send it to his mother anytime that he wants or if he happens to see her in person before Mother's Day- he can give it to her in person.

Side view of the yarn:

All rolled up and tied with a ribbon that I had (purchased here in Korea- they make beautiful ribbons here) that is exactly the same colors as the yarn in the scarf. I thought it was a perfect touch.

Close up of the stitches:

Longer view.. I had to pin it to the curtains and try to take a photo. I apologize for the limited light.

I'll keep working on the hat some tonight.

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