Sunday, March 16, 2008

Will I be able to endure my newest knitting project?

I recently ran across this yarn in the Seoul Yarn Market. I loved the way that the colors changed in each skein of yarn. I couldn't decide which ones I liked best- so, I bought a package (of 10) of two different color-ways. Each photo has skeins representing different color ways. Even if they don't look exactly similar. I have another colorway, on my desk at school. The one at school is made up of 'greens and blues.' The yarn is a soft merino wool from Australia.
Each skein is a total surprise as you knit them up.

*click on the photos for a 'close up' yarn photo

One night, I took a skein out and started knitting a swatch; to see how the yarn knitted up and to test the gauge/etc. I ended up turning it into a 'log cabin' quilt block and that's when I got a great idea. MAYBE, I would finally be able to endue knitting long enough to make an afghan? I'd always wanted to knit an afghan, but.. I knew that it would be doubtful that I'd keep knitting and knitting and knitting until it was finished.

I showed my friend, Lisa (who I'm teaching how to knit) what I had made so far and she was interested in making one for herself too! So, we agreed that she'd buy 2 more packages of the yarn in two different colors from what I'd purchased the first day and that way we could divide it up and we'd both have 4 different colors and enough yarn to make our own afghan.

They really are fast and fun to knit, because each one turns out differently when you knit each block. Here are some that I have already knitted. (I have about 3 more in the car- but, truthfully.. I did not want to take the elevator down to the parking garage to get them. I'm trying to pretend it was because I didn't have enough time and needed to do other things- not that I was being particularly lazy today.) :D

You might have noticed the 'solid' blue strips on one of the blocks? Well, when I went down to the market a week ago- for the 'fastest' visit to the yarn market that I've ever made .. to pick up the 2 additional packages of the yarn.. I didn't notice that one of the packages had 9 skeins of yarn instead of the 10 skeins that it should have had in it. Since, it was my oversight, I gave Lisa her full set of the 20 skeins of yarn and I took the set that would be missing one skein. So, I went through my 'yarn stash' knowing that surely in the stash somewhere I'd be able to find a coordinating yarn for the knitted quilt blocks. I did and I've added the blue to two or three of the knitted quilt blocks so far and will add it to another one- so, it looks like a planned design element instead of looking like I ran out of yarn!

Lisa and I went back to the yarn market yesterday, to select a solid colored yarn to be the knitted borders to join the different blocks together. We found a really nice slate federal blue and it looks like it will join all the various colors together in a very pleasing manner.

It was a good thing that we went to the yarn market yesterday to get our wool coordinating yarn, because when we arrived to the market we noticed that most of the vendors had already started changing out the winter wools for the new summer yarn stock.

All I can say is: Oh boy! More yarn to adopt! *Like I need anymore yarn! :D


The Knitting Gnome said...

That yarn is really neat! I love how it is knitting up. The blocks are coming out great!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

THANK YOU! It is a neat 'tweedy' changing yarn and soft.. non scratchy and doesn't appear that it will pill w/ use. HOWEVER, bonus.. I can felt the joins together! :D

So, that was another new skill to teach my new knitting friend. I'd already taught her the Russian join.

susanc said...

I love how your blocks are coming along. Are you following a particular pattern? If so, may I ask which one?

I've made lots of afghans; however, they have mostly been crocheted. I might have to give this a try!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

No pattern.. I just made it up when I started a swatch (the center square).. I'll post the 'directions' on Monday's blog entry. :D

KnitsAtTrafficLights said...

That yarn looks soft and fabulous! I imagine it is just fun to knit to find what colors will come out next. Great pattern too.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thanks 'knitsattrafficlights'!!!

And it is so much fun to see how the yarn is going to knit up.. to see what comes next. I especially like that it's SOFT and is 'tweedy' in the color changes.

Thanks for visiting my blog. :D