Friday, March 7, 2008

Iwouldratherbeknitting's medical adventure

Last summer, I tried to get a mammogram appointment in the states. I was able to make an appointment to get a mammogram- but, I wasn't able to get an appointment with a doctor in order to get the mammogram sent to him/her. I tried almost every doctor in the phone book and no one would take me because: THEY WEREN'T taking new patients, I didn't live there, the doctors were all on vacation/etc.

So, I had to cancel the appointment that I had made months ago. (Oh, at the same time that I had scheduled the mammogram appointment, I also had tried to make appointments from doctors in the same town- that I found by looking up doctors on the Internet. I also tried additional doctors once I was at my friend's house and had access to the yellow pages.)

So, I asked our school nurse if she knew of a place off-base that I could get a mammogram. I also asked her to find out about an ULTRA SOUND type of mammogram. Apparently, (blush) I have dense breasts.. Now, I think that they are as smart as any other breasts out there in the general public.. ha ha

ANYWAY, I've only had 2 other mammograms in my life.. I had my first one when a former principal died of breast cancer- I thought it would be a good idea and one to have on file as a 'baseline' test.... The only two times that I've had a mammogram, they always made the do the horrible smash the breasts flat as a pancake in that squeezing machine three times. They do the first mammogram, and then the first one has to be done again, because they are convinced that I MOVED.. trust me.. but, not only is moving about difficult at best-- BUT, I would do NOTHING to cause any blurring to cause a repeat of the smashing of the breasts in the 'squish 'em flat machine.'

Then the results are that the second one is always blurry too.. they can't see anything/etc.. and they make me do it a THIRD time and they get the same results again!

Finally, after my second experience with three attempts at getting a decent mammogram image done, a kind nurse-- is the one who told me that I have dense breasts! (as in: Can't see the tissues clearly)

On another note, I am also convinced that the machine had to have been invented by a man.. who had no worry of ever having his, or any man's boobies put into that smashing machine! I'd like to see the machine invented that does the same squishing/smashing to a male appendage and see how long it would take to invent some other method to besides 'smashing and squishing body parts'!

Here are the signs found in all hospitals directing patients and visitors to the correct place.. with one difference...

I wasn't worried about finding the right place, because I had the school nurse write where I needed to go in Korean.

While I was waiting, I was knitting and this little girl came by and squatted down so that she was eye level to my knitting and was watching with great interest. I think that her grandmother, who I ended up sitting next to, was glad for the diversion for her grand-daughter.

And this cutie pootie appeared to be a little over a year old and was walking about and kept staring at me.. not sure if it was the knitting or the AMERICAN WOMAN that she was staring at.. ha ha :D

See the curls above her ears? They are on her little hat on the outside.. cute, fake little curls on a baby. Adorable!!

Then, I was finally called and taken down the hall and downstairs and finally into the 'room' where you change clothes.. (well, the top part anyway) and this is what they gave me to wear. It is an XL (Korean size XL).. and let's just say the buttons didn't close over the 'boobage'... uh hem..

I did like the little frog buttons though..

AND.... as a result of today's mammogram experience, I have this to say: .. I had my first: ULTRA SOUND MAMMOGRAM (I had read that those with DENSE (not stupid)breasts need to have this type of mammogram taken.. and I've only got this to say.. run, run to the nearest mammogram place and switch your appointments to the 'ultra sound' mammogram. IT DOES NOT HURT one tiny bit.

And for the yuck factor.. I had to have a blood test done on MONDAY. I absolutely hate to have blood taken out and would rather have a 'root canal' than to do this. However, I realize that I am an adult and I am very brave, don't freak out (well, on the inside maybe), sob, or otherwise act like a baby when I have to endure the 'blood withdrawing'.. and this is the horrible bruise that I still have on my arm FRIDAY!
Today, I happened to go back to the doctor that ordered the blood test on Monday, and I showed him my arm and guess what he did? PUSHED REALLY HARD ON IT. Yowsie.. It's bruised and he pushed as hard as he could on it. I'm sorry to say that I did the 'reflex action' and pulled his hand away without realizing what I was doing.

It was hurting when she was taking the blood out.. but, all I can say is.. 'something like this does nothing' to help my 'blood taking out phobia.' And, I apologise for anyone else who is freaked out about seeing things like this.. SORRY..

Humm, I wonder if there is a 'blood taking out' phobia?

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