Friday, May 30, 2008

Hey, hey we are the monkeys... and people say we monkey around...

In Bali, we went to the Monkey forest... this area is full of protected wild monkeys just roaming around... as cute as can be. I wanted to try to pet them and hold the little monkeys... but, I'd rather not get bitten and have to take rabies shots for days on end... so, I managed to resist the urge to pet a wild monkey.

They are not afraid of humans and one of the rules is to NOT BRING FOOD in for the monkeys. I was also told that if 'a monkey jumps on you'... (not the best thing to happen but, better than having a monkey on your back lol) stay still, don't touch the monkey and start walking and they'll eventually jump off... oh, and I'm sure that it's a good idea not to FREAK OUT AND START SCREAMING...

WHY do I mention... monkeys jumping on you? Well, while I was in the park, one medium sized monkey suddenly jumped on my camera bag/purse that was slung over my shoulder and was suddenly unzipping the different pockets of the bag. He was moving all over the place and was giving me the 'eye' before he finally jumped down. Problem was... I had a knitting project in the bag and I'm so glad that he didn't find it-- because, I could just see all the mischief that a monkey could do if he grabbed my yarn, needles, the knitting and run off with my yarn and knitting needles through the jungle.

Oh, did I mention that this monkey jumped up on me another time? We were about to leave the park and I noticed a gang of monkeys following closely behind me and then suddenly the monkey jumped up on me again. *I'm sure it was the same monkey too! Prior to taking this photo... there were 6 monkeys following me...

In case you were wondering, I didn't scream... but, it took all the control that I had to not try to touch the monkey... but, as I said... I'd like to keep all of my fingers and I knew that it wouldn't be wise to try to touch a wild monkey that is suddenly around your waist and is eye-ing your face... Any touch, might be considered a threat to the monkey...

Now, for some cute monkey photos.. and after you look at them ...just tell me that I wasn't the only one who would have wanted to pet the monkeys? *In case, I posted a duplicate monkey photo... just consider it another opportunity to go 'aaah'... cute monkey.

I think that this mother monkey looks tired...

Practing a yoga pose, maybe?

This looks like a mom, new baby, and an older sibling-- that isn't quite ready to go out on his/her own?

To give you an idea as to how 'little' this sweet guy is... they are eating the small finger sized bananas... about 4-6 inches long.


This was a 'play group'... about 6-9 mama monkeys and their babies ran to this hill and the little ones were playing together. I also saw one mama monkey with twins.. boy, were they holding on tight on her tummy while she was moving about.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Singapore Photos... May 2008

I'm back... we started flying at 8:25 pm.. and landed in Incheon, South Korea (about an hour from Seoul) this morning... May 29. Again, I did not sleep on the plane. I did some knitting on a hat that I'm going to donate to a worthy cause, read some, and watched the movie: Vantage Point *If you haven't seen the movie- it is well done and keeps you on the edge of your seat... in a suspense type of way.

Singapore had so many amazing buildings and it was almost as if they 'sought' out unusual concepts for winning bids/etc. so, that they could continue to put up a variety of unusual cutting edge type of buildings. Even in the main harbor where 'all of the new' high-rise buildings there... that are totally different from each other--- but, they work so well together.

Here's a photo...

Now, I'm sure that you've heard of the 'no chewing gum' law that is found in Singapore? One of my friends and I on the trip had brought along gum, without thinking' about the 'no gum chewing' law... so, we decided to be safe and we put our gum in the room safe... after all, we didn't want 'gum sniffing dogs' to find out gum stash that we made sure that we weren't chewing... even in the privacy of our own hotel room.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last day in Bali

We are leaving today. Yesterday we went to little towns that sold
silver jewelry, paintings, and items made out of the traditional batik

We also went to the MONKEY FOREST. A park set aside for
the protection of these little adorable monkeys. I took many photos of
the monkeys... and it got to the point that I was thinking... 'just how
many photos of cute monkeys do I need?' Still I took more photos. They
were right beside you and one monkey decided to jump up on me and tried
to open up my purse... his little hands did manage to unzip the zippers
too! One of them had a hat that I had started knitting in it--- I could
just see my needles and skein of yarn being carried throughout the
monkey jungle.

They are wild animals... even though they will let you get close to them/etc.

Today we will go see the Rice Terraces and other scenic sights before we get on the plane to Singapore and then back to Seoul.

Time is almost up on my '15 minutes' purchased computer time.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Greetings from 'Bali'

We arrived this morning... it is hot and steamy.. much more so than it was in Singapore.

are staying at the Hard Rock Hotel... yes, of the Hard Rock Cafe fame.
It's a huge and very confusing to find anything in it hotel. I am not
kidding... we went out earlier to get a 'lay of the land' of the
hotel... and let's just say... I hope that I can find where my hotel
room is located after I finish posting here.

We went walking to
find a restaurant for dinner (we had seen it on the taxi ride from the
airport) and the hotel had told us.. to just go out and it would be on
our left and about 5 minutes away.

Well, we had walked for about
10-15 minutes and nothing was looking like we were in the right
direction-- and we finally after trying a few other streets to see if
we could get to the area that we needed to be... found a taxi to take
us to the restaurant. We were close-- but, would have never found it
where we were either.

Oh, the taxi ride from the airport??? ha
ha... We had stopped at the information desk at the airport-- to see if
there was a hotel shuttle to take us to our hotel. No. Then, a man
sitting on the floor of the airport- told us that he was a taxi and
would take us to the hotel. So, I asked the lady in the 'information'
how much 'should' it cost us to ride from the airport to the hotel... (truthfully,
that is a question that she could have answered w/out any problems)
Instead... she spoke to him in 'BALI'... and he quoted her 50,000 (bali money) so, we said ok...

He grabbed my wheely
suitcase and started walking ahead of us... we were following him as
close as we could... and finally managed to get to the parking lot to
where he was with my suitcase... (in some countries when they grab your
suitcase... you might not ever see it again) When, we were all loaded
in this 'rough and tumble, no AC van'.... he told us that it would be
50,000 for each of us.. instead of the one flat fee of 50,000 per ride.
I told him that we'd just take our bags out and find another taxi.. 'no
problem'... then, his offer went down to 100,000 and I repeated it
againadn told him to stop so that we could get our bags out. He finally agreed to the original 50,000 for the ride.

we drove up in our 'taxi' I did notice that the hotel security men and
the 'bell men' were looking at our vehicle wondering why we were in it.

Oh, the food was great at the restaurant- we went to: BUBBA GUMP (yes, from the Forrest Gump
movie fame) and before we went in... there was a security guy who
scanned our bags w/ one of those airport metal detector scanners.
Interesting... but, then again.. in the Philippines... the 'security
guards' in front of stores and banks... have M16 rifles.
iwouldratherbeknitting out...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Greetings from Singapore

We have been here for 2 days .... beautiful clean place. I had this trip planned before I found out about the transfer to Germany.. so, I kept the reservations--- even though I DID NOT HAVE TIME TO SPEND 7 days away from my 'errands and packing stuff'...

It's been nice to just get away- my trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in April and this trip is the first time that I've gone anywhere on vacation in 4 years.

Here are some first impressions... (sorry, can't add any photos right now):

I'm using a coin operated computer in the hotel lobby.. the first time that I've ever seen a coin operated computer too.

English signs, English speakers, etc.. everywhere

Beautifully landscaped and I mean the entire city...

It has one of the most beautiful harbors that I've ever seen

The zoo that we went to today was the best zoo that I've ever seen in a foreign country.

They drive on the 'other side' of the road... left-over from being under British rule

We had 'high tea' at Raffles Hotel yesterday... that was so funny... that I'll have to go into more detail with some photos at a later date... let's just say... our waiter will remember us... lol

Don't forget to post comments.. to enter the contest.. to any of the blogs.. (after the contest was announced) for more details.

Seacrest out... (oh, wait.. that should be: iwouldratherbeknitting out...)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh how times have changed...

Once upon a time, this was my bedroom... and not too long ago either...
Did you notice the broken piece of wooden furniture? That is a Korean Rice Chest.. made out of solid wood- almost 2 inches thick... and yet, somehow it got the front busted out in my move back to Korea.

However, there has been a slight change... called: GETTING READY (ok, trying to get ready) to move... and as a result...
This is the same area... and slightly out of focus... to protect the viewer from excessive trauma and sensory overload.

Now, remember... if you ever feel like your bedroom is a mess... just come back and look at these photos and take a break... relax, read, knit, watch a movie.. because... your mess doesn't look as bad as this does! ;D lol

AND DO NOT FORGET TO LEAVE COMMENTS AND BE ENTERED IN THE CONTEST on my blog that ends on May 31. (scroll down a few blog entries for more details)

And this is my antique cast iron bed. It used to be this color:

But, I asked a friend in the states to send me some black spray paint and those big plastic sheets that you put down when painting... now, I do realize that usually one should do 'spray painting' outside... but, not possible when one lives in a high rise apartment building- we don't really have a 'yard area' and I know for a fact that dragging my bed down the elevator, to the park areas, or stone walkways and then start shaking that spray paint can... would not have been OK to do!

How well did this 'indoor spray paint adventure' work? Let's just say: It's a good thing that I had put the plastic sheeting down everywhere otherwise, there would have been the same 'black mist' of paint all over the white walls (wall paper-ed mind you) and the off white floors... I looked like one of those chimney sweeps from England with the black soot all over me.

I think that it looks a lot better now... the soft peach color that it was painted was purchased, years ago, to match a color in one of my grandmother's antique quilts that I used as a bedspread. I made a dust ruffle and bought the bedspread here in Korea. And, by the way, is it always called a bedspread? Duvet? A bed covering? A quilt was a much more 'all purpose' word for bed covering.

Here is the knitting project that I've been working on for a few weeks- and of course haven't worked on it recently either. This is a wool yarn that I found that changes color for you... soft and a constant surprise as you knit it up.

I only need to make a few more squares and sew them all together. I had purchased enough of the navy blue yarn to knit a border between all the squares and on the outside. I'm not sure if I'll still do that or not and if I don't - I'll have to knit a few more squares to make it longer to use on the couch.

So, what do you think looks best? Knit more squares and keep it as it is... just sewn together... or knit a navy border between the squares and an edging in Navy too?

Monday, May 19, 2008

No MORE chicken....

You realize about a month prior to leaving the actual place of residence... that you need to 'start eating' the food that is in the cabinets and the freezer. You mentally acknowledge that... but, you still go to the grocery store... because 'eating' items from the freezer and the cabinets would include: COOKING

AND.. I don't have time to cook right now and it almost makes me wish that I had some convenience foods in the freezer... like some frozen pizzas/etc..

So, another week goes by... and you open the freezer and realize that you really do need to eat some of this frozen stuff. You dig around... not a package of hamburger to be found... none... not even a tiny little package. (I tend to take the unfrozen hamburger pound package and divide it up into smaller packages before I put it in the freezer.)

So, you dig around and see the package of frozen chicken breasts and the package of frozen chicken breast tenders. And, you think to yourself... now, I could bake those in the oven and have 'almost ready' meals... for dinner and for lunches to take to work.

This is a good plan for the first 3 days... by the third day... you find that you no longer want to eat chicken... and are only eating a 2 inch piece of the chicken tender and calling it done. And, you wake up in the morning and discover the freshly baked pan of seasoned chicken still on the counter! Was I really that busy, tired, have the excuse that I was working in the back room 'sorting' and that is why I left the freshly cooked chicken on the counter? Or was something more sinister at work here? After all, I had only cooked 4 chicken tenders... 2 small servings of chicken... or at the rate of my 2" pieces of chicken consumption per meal... maybe it was really about 10 meals that I had in the pan and I just couldn't face 10 more meals of chicken? I won't mention the morning, that I woke up to find the thawed chicken still on the counter either. I think it all says that I have had my fill of chicken for quite some time.

Now, you move on to another plan... empty the cabinets of the canned goods that you just know that you aren't going to eat in the next 3 1/2 weeks... and give it to a friend. Problem is, I have a kitchen with very little cabinet space... and the canned goods are pretty much limited to: chicken stock, tomatoes, soup, a few cans of pineapple, and some cranberry sauce and pumpkin left over from the holiday baking. I decide that since... I only have 1 egg, limited flour and sugar... and no plans to buy anymore... that I will let all of the canned pumpkin go... since, I just don't see myself having enough time to 'bake pumpkin bread or a pumpkin pie' right now.

Now, I'm in the final phase of the 'get rid of the food plan'... I decided a couple of weeks ago- that I can only buy: bread, milk, and yogurt at the grocery store.

Now, that I realize that I'm going on vacation in 3 days... no more grocery store purchases are allowed at all and when I return, I'll only be in my apartment 5 more days before everything is moved out. Let's just say it this way, there are going to be some 'strange food combinations' in my future. I had better enjoy the food on my vacation and I assure you- that I won't be eating a lot of chicken either.

Anyone want to trade some frozen chicken for some laundry detergent? Or maybe you'll trade laundry detergent for some cranberry sauce?

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm excited to be moving to a new location...

but, there are also some things that I'll miss about Korea...

The Tea Houses in Isadong... there are many, but...

The one that I visit is down a winding alley, up old steep, creaky wooden stairs, adorned with beautiful waterlilies floating in containers. As you walk up the steps, you eventually make your way to the final step, turn to the right, and enter into a room lit with only natural daylight streaming through the cracks in the aged wooden shutters.

You stand for a minute, waiting for your outside eyes to adjust to the room's soothing natural light, take a deep breath of the various spices in the air, and you can sense the serenity, the water fountain gently babbles water, musical chirping birds- flying free in the room add the finishing touch. It is a place of gentle repose, rest, and peace. You feel refreshed and reminded of a simpler time - when people took the time to just 'sit, watch, think' and sip tea.

I hope we all find quiet soothing places to calm our inner spirit- no matter where it is. Do you have a such a place?

I grew up on a lake and I know that no matter what had happened or was bothering me-Just riding my bike or walking to the lake helped so much. I'd sit and listen to the gentle waves and the wind drowning out my everyday life and I always felt better.
Watching the sunset works too. Did you know that in Okinawa- that it was very typical to see people stop and watch the sunset? It's a tradition there to say goodbye and respect to the day.

PS.. I am happy to report that someone from IOWA visited the blog... way to go! Now, only 10 more states to go!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Know anyone in...

Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Utah????

About 5 weeks ago, I discovered that you could sign up for an area of blogger that would let you know 'which' states and countries the visitors to my blog are from...

AND, since then...there have been visitors from all of our 50 states except for those listed above. So, call up your aunt, send an email to a sibling, old high school buddy, long lost cousin, etc.. and tell them to visit-- let's hit 50 states!

Which state has the most visitors? California

How many different countries? 22 since the program started keeping track.

AND, OKLAHOMA... my home state... only 10 visits have been logged... come on... visit for the home gal. :D

It's been quite interesting and I wish that I had known about it a few months ago when I started the blog.

AND... don't forget to enter the contest... read a few posts below to find out more information.

Thank you to all who have visited- it's fun to see the numbers on the visitor counter increasing daily.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We've all been there....

Fed up, maybe a despair so strong that you just want to curl up into a ball and hide... but, rarely do we let our anguish be known publicly.

A few weeks ago, a friend and I had gone on the subway and as the train pulled into the station- we noticed that the car that had stopped right in front of us-had some empty seats- not a real common event. We walked in and immediately noticed that some 'personal items' were strew about along the bench seat taking up the space that would be taken up by 4people. First of all this was pretty unusual since the subway cars are always clean and fairly quiet. Then, I looked at the items and noticed that there were some books, papers, a few toiletries/etc. I just gently shoved them to one end so that my friend and I had enough room to sit down. I then looked around and noticed that there was a weird 'vibe' in the area.

A man to my right suddenly started yelling and screaming in Korean, and then started throwing things from his backpack into the floor. This was extremely unusual and I had never encountered anything of this nature in all of the years that I had lived in Seoul. He was clearly upset and everyone in the car, except for the two 'non-Korean speaking' Americans were avoiding all eye contact.

Soon, he gets up and grabs some of the items that I had shoved to one side on the subway bench and tossed them to the floor. Then, he started tearing some things apart. I kept trying to make 'eye contact' with someone to see if I could figure out what was going on. I figured that even if I didn't speak Korean, that maybe their body language would give me a hint or a warning. Of course, we didn't dare get up and move--- we didn't want to do anything to draw any more attention to us as we were already sitting right by his abandoned possessions, that I had moved out of the way, and I was sitting right beside him too.

I was finally able to catch the lady sitting directly across from me... and raised my eyebrows, leaned my head towards him and then made the universal sign for 'crazy'... you know the one... the fingers twirling around in a circle. She nodded and quickly looked away.

When the train pulled into the next station, he got off and left his visual message on the floor. A few people got on the car and just stepped over the items in the floor, and at the next stop... a subway employee came into our car. I could tell he was asking everyone things like; "Who did this?" "Does this belong to anyone?" "What happened?" He kept posing his various questions to the small seated group.

I was so surprised that no one would answer him. Finally, and elderly Korean lady.. spoke up and gave him an explanation. The subway employee began picking up the 'useless reminders of someones pain' and no one else helped him. All averted their eyes... only the elderly lady and I offered him any assistance.

I thought about this man in such pain, distress, anger, and sorrow for days. I wondered what had caused this open display that is so unseen in the Korean culture. I wondered if he'd been fired?, Had there been a tragic unfair loss in his life?, Had he been jilted by his one true love? Had he lost his money in the stock-market? Was he mad at God because of something horrible that had happened? (There did appear to be a bible and several pages that he tore from the book.)

Upon closer inspection- there appeared to be work ID's (the little booklets that look like passports), documents of some sort, and several books. He had even tossed his comb, shampoo, and other mundane everyday items to the floor.

Whatever it was, he wanted nothing to remind him and voiced his pain and anquish, and left all reminders of his past life behind him.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I am tired...

and all I want to do is have enough 'free time' to:

Knit, watch a movie, read a book... even reading a magazine is like an unlikely luxury for about 5-6 more weeks. Maybe, there's even less time than that left- I'm afraid to look at the calendar to double check-- because, if it's less time... it just means that I'm EVEN MORE BEHIND!

I need to get busy- it's 6:30 and I've not started anything for tonight's sorting adventure. Sigh...

Oh, did I mention that I'm going to: Singapore and Bali for Memorial Day holiday? I'm also taking 3 days off from work-- we'll be gone for 8 days... and, when I return.. it will be on a THURSDAY night, I'll teach the next day (Friday), have that night, and the weekend... before the MOVERS COME to pick up the first shipment the following Monday. Which is sort of why... I'm worn out, have too much to do, etc.. I have to have EVERYTHING almost finished by MAY 22. And, I don't have to look at the calendar to know that I don't have much time!

I've always wanted to go to Bali... I'm sure it had something to do with watching that movie: South Pacific when I was a kid? I have lived in Korea 3times and I decided that, since I have NO PLANS to come back this way again... that it is time to go to Bali before I move. Of course, the plans for Bali were made and paid for 'before' I got the transfer. I'm glad that we did so then, because... as it stands now... I would have been awfully tempted to NOT TRAVEL TO BALI because I have too much to do before I move. However, I'm glad that I'm keeping my commitment.

So, if you haven't read all of my blog postings... this would be a good time to do so. Go now and get caught up on your reading. Find out how I was 'shunned' by a cat, found frisky mannequins while walking in the market, discover strange Korean foods, learn which job that I thought would be neat when I was a kid, and read about the enduring love that we can only hope to experience in our life. There are a lot of stories here and the unique ways that I look at life. I think I can honestly say that I tend to 'find the humor' in the most everyday events.

The blog started in October 2007.

Also, don't forget to leave a comment on the blog to be entered in the contest. (read the previous blog entry for more details) Thanks to all who have left comments- it's nice to read them. SEND me an email with your real email address so I can contact you -- if your name is pulled out of the plastic bowl, or plastic bag as the case is likely to be.

My email address is:

Friday, May 9, 2008

OOOh, announcing a contest...

I just noticed that my little 'counter' is getting mighty close to that big ole number: 10,000 When I started my little blog in Oct 07, I never dreamed that I would have had this many visitors. Truthfully, it's probably already over 10,000.. I didn't know about the counter thing or where to get one for awhile.
I am so happy that people read my blog and now I want to reward you...

Did everyone 'ooh and aahh', when I announced that there would be a contest, like we do when the fireworks go off in the sky?
No? Well, I'll wait until you do...

Oooh, aaah, a contest!! :D

As you might have guessed, I'm really busy right now, and.. I still will post on my blog every so often- but, I'm truthfully swamped right now... and I wanted to do something to celebrate the almost 10,000 visits to my blog... and reward my readers.

How busy am I? Well, I'm beginning to think about hauling all of my stuff down to the trash on the next trash day (sorted for recycling of course) so, I don't have to deal with sorting it and deciding what goes to storage, what to get rid of, what goes to Germany, what needs to be thrown away, donated, returned, etc. Of course, if I did all of the 'sorting' for recycling it would be almost as bad as the sorting that I already need to do...

And, I'm seriously considering mailing my Christmas gifts now. Just so I don't have to pack up some of the items that I have already purchased for some of my Christmas gifts...

*Don't laugh, I did do this one year. It would have been a great plan-- except that I FORGOT that I had already mailed my gifts to everyone that June and purchased and mailed more gifts that December. lol.. I guess that plan would only work for the SUPER ORGANIZED people of the world!

Now, I see a few of you have your hand raised. So, I'll select a few and answer their questions.

1. Will there be a prize? A. Yes!

2. What will the prize be?

B. I'm not quite sure at this time.. but, I promise you it won't be a can of 'silk worm larvae'.. unless, that is what you want.. I will go to the local little Korean grocery store and get this for you- if you want.

I also won't send you a pig's head... Mostly, because I have no idea where I ran across this. All I know is it was in the Tongdaemun Market 'somewhere.' Do look closely at the pig.. do you see the little money bag? You'll see pigs at the beginning of the year... (and I'm sorry, but I can't remember what animal was for last year? If it was the pig-- that is why this was being sold. Now that I think about it, it might have been the 'pig?' I do remember seeing a lot of novelty pigs being sold in the market last year. If it wasn't 'the year of the pig' in 2007, just ignore me, I'm rambling at this point! lol

There might even be a choice of prizes that the winner gets to select from... (all depends on how much I can get done here in my apartment between now and then) I'm sure it will be something (but, worthwhile) that I find that I just don't need in my sorting of my 'stuff'...

3. How do we win the prize/s?
A. Well, you have to leave a comment on my blog. You may comment as much as you wish- but, only one entry per name will be entered for the contest.

4. What kind of a comment?
A. A comment explaining how you found my blog,
your favorite postings, do you read my blog on a regular
basis, have you shared my blog with others? What do you
like about my blog.. that sort of thing.

5. Is there a deadline? A. Yes, May 30 12noon Eastern standard time USA.. (that way it will be MAY 31 for me)

6. How will a winner be selected? Every commenter's name will be written down and put in a hat, zip lock bag, plastic bowl or something that I can get my hands on at the time.. and I'll stir the names all around, shut my eyes and draw out one name!!
(don't forget to leave your name and email address at:

Yes, you in the back.. with your hand raised.

7. How and when will we know that we won? Come back here to my blog and read all about it after 12noon May 31 (EST- USA) I will also send an EMAIL to let you know that your name was selected- so, don't forget to send me your email.

By the way, the movers will be coming to my apartment on June 2 and the 4th- so, things will be busy for a few days until I move into the hotel with Internet service. I'm not sure when the phone service will end? However, I can still read my yahoo email at work- but, I CAN NOT check my blog at work... to add updates/etc.

HOWEVER, every comment that is posted is EMAILED TO ME... and every comment starting right now will be entered into the contest... today... You may begin the comments. I look forward to reading them!

PLEASE do let me know in your comment if you DO or DO NOT want a knitting related prize. If don't write a preference, I'll assume it's not a knitting related item that you desire to win- since, knitters probably would not forget to mention knitting. :D

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Let's talk: Storage

Someday, I'll finish up my vacation photos... but, in the meantime... my world has focused on: THE MOVE TO GERMANY!

And, when you move to Europe storage is something that you think about. Or maybe I should say 'Lack of storage' is something you think about. You see, in Europe, it would be a rare find to rent any home with kitchen cabinets or closets. So, part of renting a place is you have to buy cabinets or have furniture that will work for 'storage'...

So, today... I went to a local Korean furniture man that I've purchased furniture from in the past- except this time, since I have already lived here (Seoul, Korea) 3 times for a grand total of 9 years... Although I have enjoyed my time in Korea, I DO NOT PLAN ON RETURNING again. This frees that frugal part of one's mind to 'buy, buy, buy' the furniture that you really, really want... because, buying it now is: Cheaper than having it shipped to you, buying it in the states (and to get the quality of furniture that we can buy here-- I just wouldn't be able to afford stateside prices for it anyway) etc.

So, I present... (some) of my new furniture...

I'm going to use this in the kitchen. Maybe set the microwave on it? Some dishes?

Isn't this beautiful? It's probably a buffet? I'll use it somewhere- I just thought it was beautiful- and am thinking that maybe I shouldn't have purchased it and exchange it for something else? (the items won't be shipped to my apartment until the end of the month) I know that they have a tall cabinet (kind of like the first photo) with doors on it for storage. It would be more useful- since, I might end up in a small apartment and going vertical is always a good plan... and besides that... I do already have the buffet made out of Italian walnut in storage... humm, I need to think about it. What do you guys/guyettes think?

This is a traditional Korean piece of furniture. A step Tansu made in a new style of the open cut work showing the four seasons. The top can flip down and you can use it as a vertical or horizontal piece of furniture. *Which is why I think that I should change my mind about the buffet... sigh...

And, now I present something CUTE..... These little tea cups were from Japan and I found them on-base in the Base Exchange. I loved it so much that I bought a few for some teacher friends. They just make me smile and I think that they'll be something worth having at school for those days when you need a little something to 'make you smile.' AND just look at the cute, cute lid!! There were 3 different designs- but, I loved this one the most and I bought them all like this one.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Taking a small break

from the 'sorting/packing' and will instead work on ... ta dah.. PAPERWORK!

Let's see... sorting or paperwork... oh, it is so hard to decide... For those who know me.. you know that I'd rather do almost anything.. than to do paperwork!

Now, let's talk about MONEY.. MONEY.. MONEY..

What are you going to do with your 'stimulus check?'

*I haven't received mine yet.

*Is it just me that thinks that maybe if they'd thought a little longer.. maybe they could have come up with a better name?

A PENNY SPENT is a PENNY helping the economy...
aka.. pocket burning money???

Can you think of any other catchy names?

I'm going to buy an electronic gizmo...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Oh, it's so difficult

To sort one's possessions... after all, I do live/work in foreign countries.. it's not like I can hop down to Wal-Mart or some other department, hardware, or other store and just pick up another 'whatever' it is that I no longer have. There just aren't garage sales every weekend (ok, there just aren't garage sales period) that I can pick up other's no longer wanted possessions.

HOWEVER, I know that I need, NEED, NEED to get rid of some things. I was really happy to find out about the 'once a year' garage sale for our base that I participated in on Saturday. I would have liked to find out about it with more than 3 evenings notice.

I think one of the biggest problems is- I'm not just sorting through regular stuff that would be in any house... but, I'm also sorting through items that had been in storage for about 14 years! After that long, you either feel guilty for not having them with you, or you don't want to get rid of the 'storage items' because, you're not tired of them-- because, they have been in storage!

I think that the biggest problem that I have is that I am RIGHT-BRAINED DOMINANT. I have to haul everything out.. see what I have.. sort it, get rid of it, repair it, give it away, etc. and doing it that way takes time and should I say it? It's overwhelming doing it that way- especially without any help (not married) and working all day- sometimes it's just a little hard to keep the momentum going. Add in the fact that I'm sentimental about things... and put all that together and.............. "Houston, we have a problem."

To show that I am making some progress, here are some things that I did get rid of..

*A wooden box that I was going to paint, apply pretty fabric to the inside and outside and use it as a gift box for this winter's Barbie doll and matching sewn and knitted wardrobe.. (made by ME) to the local orphanage. The base has a toy drive every winter for this good cause. *I'm sure that my new base will do something similar, so- I'll buy a Barbie and knit/sew the doll some clothes and just make a 'fabric drawstring bag' to store everything in- same purpose and less weight and space taken up.

*An extra foam cushion for a guest bed in my new location. (I'm giving it to my sweet house girl- if she wants it.)

*Some clothing and hair accessories (they were in the storage shipment). I don't have long hair anymore. I sent all of this to the orphans in Afghanistan.

*A couple of silk flower arrangements. (They'll be given to my house girl too.)

But, here's kind of how my mind has been doing during this 'sorting' process:

*The guy will be the 'get rid of it side' and the gal will be the 'oh, keep it side'

Guy: "Get rid of it! It's taking Gal: "This will come in handy in your
up space! new location."

"You haven't used this in years!" "Well, it's been in STORAGE for

AND, after all of this gets done? I have the days long job of opening up every box of 'classroom teaching materials' (I usually teach 2nd or 3rd grade. I am currently teaching art and will be teaching art at my new school too.) I have boxes and boxes of the stuff on my bedroom balcony. (Korea has enclosed balconies.. so, it's more of a mini narrow room off the bedroom than a balcony.)

I need to do this.. because, this stuff weighs a lot and I won't need it for a few years- while I'm teaching art. And, if I go back into the classroom again- I'll leave enough to teach in the classroom. I just wish that I had known that I was moving into the art position last year.. because, I could have given away or thrown away the items that I found that I really didn't use.. as each month went by. However, I didn't find out about it until August before the new school year started.

Did I mention that as I'm sorting I have to decide:

*What goes with me to Germany

*What goes with me to Germany- but, is the 100 pounds of items that are flown
there .. that you will need immediately: bed lines, more clothing- usually a
coat since your household goods can take 3 -4 months to arrive, etc.

*What goes to storage (this will be sent to the states and I won't have access to

*What to throw or give away

I hope that I don't start dreaming about this. lol
ETC.. etc.. etc..

Sunday, May 4, 2008

When preparing for a move, pack the important stuff first

And, what would that be?

Yarn... after all, the name of the blog is.. "I WOULD RATHER BE KNITTING"

PS.. This is not all of the yarn either.. shhhh...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Busy.. busy..

Just a quick post to give an update.
I've been busy, busy.. busy.. I have also stayed up late a night to call the states and then UP before 5am.. to call AZ or CALIF.. (arranging doctor visits/airlines/ordering car parts, etc. for the summer)

AND.. at night, I've been sorting through things. I found out about a 'little garage sale' for the military community tomorrow. I only found out about it on WED afternoon. So, I have been finding items to sell.

AND.. on WEDNESDAY, I was taking my car to get it inspected.. so, that the next day I could go to another location to get my car registered. (too bad that this wasn't due after I'd already shipped my car to Germany?) ANYWAY, my car was so difficult to shift into first gear.. then, about 3x on the way to the 'car inspection place'.. I was stuck in neutral and just couldn't get my car into first gear.. AND, wouldn't you know it.. on the final street to the 'car place'.. a base shuttle bus stopped.. on the opposite lane.. and I had to stop again.. and TRY TO FIND first gear AGAIN!

I thought that I wasn't going to make it to the car place.. I even heard a 'popping' sound at least once in my car.. so, I found out that my clutch cable broke. AND, yes.. I had to order parts from the states. Now, we are on the 'beat the mail' plan.. because my car has an appointment to be shipped on MAY 22. I've been getting rides to work with my friend Janie (of the 'Mystery Spice' first blog entry fame). Her car is bigger than my car and I've just hauled things to work on THUR and this morning.. and just left it in my classroom. She'll pick me and my last load of 'stuff' in the morning and we'll do a quick stop at my classroom to pick up as much as we can to put in her car.. and then, I'll put other items on my 'wheelie cart' and walk it over to the garage sale location- while Janie drives her car full of my 'stuff' over there.

So, I've been busy.. I haven't been knitting either. NO time for it.. and my left thumb (from previous injury last fall) has started hurting more and more and is swollen.. I'm tired from lack of sleep.. from staying up late and getting up about 5am.. or earlier to make my USA phone calls. I only have to make at least 3 more calls and as far as I know- I should be finished for awhile?

No photo.. and thanks for stopping by.. even when I was so busy that I had no time to write a blog entry.