Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last day in Bali

We are leaving today. Yesterday we went to little towns that sold
silver jewelry, paintings, and items made out of the traditional batik

We also went to the MONKEY FOREST. A park set aside for
the protection of these little adorable monkeys. I took many photos of
the monkeys... and it got to the point that I was thinking... 'just how
many photos of cute monkeys do I need?' Still I took more photos. They
were right beside you and one monkey decided to jump up on me and tried
to open up my purse... his little hands did manage to unzip the zippers
too! One of them had a hat that I had started knitting in it--- I could
just see my needles and skein of yarn being carried throughout the
monkey jungle.

They are wild animals... even though they will let you get close to them/etc.

Today we will go see the Rice Terraces and other scenic sights before we get on the plane to Singapore and then back to Seoul.

Time is almost up on my '15 minutes' purchased computer time.

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