Monday, May 19, 2008

No MORE chicken....

You realize about a month prior to leaving the actual place of residence... that you need to 'start eating' the food that is in the cabinets and the freezer. You mentally acknowledge that... but, you still go to the grocery store... because 'eating' items from the freezer and the cabinets would include: COOKING

AND.. I don't have time to cook right now and it almost makes me wish that I had some convenience foods in the freezer... like some frozen pizzas/etc..

So, another week goes by... and you open the freezer and realize that you really do need to eat some of this frozen stuff. You dig around... not a package of hamburger to be found... none... not even a tiny little package. (I tend to take the unfrozen hamburger pound package and divide it up into smaller packages before I put it in the freezer.)

So, you dig around and see the package of frozen chicken breasts and the package of frozen chicken breast tenders. And, you think to yourself... now, I could bake those in the oven and have 'almost ready' meals... for dinner and for lunches to take to work.

This is a good plan for the first 3 days... by the third day... you find that you no longer want to eat chicken... and are only eating a 2 inch piece of the chicken tender and calling it done. And, you wake up in the morning and discover the freshly baked pan of seasoned chicken still on the counter! Was I really that busy, tired, have the excuse that I was working in the back room 'sorting' and that is why I left the freshly cooked chicken on the counter? Or was something more sinister at work here? After all, I had only cooked 4 chicken tenders... 2 small servings of chicken... or at the rate of my 2" pieces of chicken consumption per meal... maybe it was really about 10 meals that I had in the pan and I just couldn't face 10 more meals of chicken? I won't mention the morning, that I woke up to find the thawed chicken still on the counter either. I think it all says that I have had my fill of chicken for quite some time.

Now, you move on to another plan... empty the cabinets of the canned goods that you just know that you aren't going to eat in the next 3 1/2 weeks... and give it to a friend. Problem is, I have a kitchen with very little cabinet space... and the canned goods are pretty much limited to: chicken stock, tomatoes, soup, a few cans of pineapple, and some cranberry sauce and pumpkin left over from the holiday baking. I decide that since... I only have 1 egg, limited flour and sugar... and no plans to buy anymore... that I will let all of the canned pumpkin go... since, I just don't see myself having enough time to 'bake pumpkin bread or a pumpkin pie' right now.

Now, I'm in the final phase of the 'get rid of the food plan'... I decided a couple of weeks ago- that I can only buy: bread, milk, and yogurt at the grocery store.

Now, that I realize that I'm going on vacation in 3 days... no more grocery store purchases are allowed at all and when I return, I'll only be in my apartment 5 more days before everything is moved out. Let's just say it this way, there are going to be some 'strange food combinations' in my future. I had better enjoy the food on my vacation and I assure you- that I won't be eating a lot of chicken either.

Anyone want to trade some frozen chicken for some laundry detergent? Or maybe you'll trade laundry detergent for some cranberry sauce?


A Lovely Thing said...

When my husband and I moved from Omaha back to Colorado (small move considering yours!), I told him to give the canned goods to the food pantry there.

Well, of course he didn't listen. He had the movers pack all of it.

We moved in Oct 1997 -the year of the "great storm" that shut down the city.

We barely got everything into our new house, the snow was coming down that hard. If it weren't for the canned food, we wouldn't have had anything to eat for 4 or 5 days!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

lol... see you never know when you'll need something... which is why it is sometimes hard to get rid of 'things'... espeically when you live overseas and SOME THINGS just can't be found in that new foreign location. :D