Sunday, May 25, 2008

Greetings from Singapore

We have been here for 2 days .... beautiful clean place. I had this trip planned before I found out about the transfer to Germany.. so, I kept the reservations--- even though I DID NOT HAVE TIME TO SPEND 7 days away from my 'errands and packing stuff'...

It's been nice to just get away- my trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in April and this trip is the first time that I've gone anywhere on vacation in 4 years.

Here are some first impressions... (sorry, can't add any photos right now):

I'm using a coin operated computer in the hotel lobby.. the first time that I've ever seen a coin operated computer too.

English signs, English speakers, etc.. everywhere

Beautifully landscaped and I mean the entire city...

It has one of the most beautiful harbors that I've ever seen

The zoo that we went to today was the best zoo that I've ever seen in a foreign country.

They drive on the 'other side' of the road... left-over from being under British rule

We had 'high tea' at Raffles Hotel yesterday... that was so funny... that I'll have to go into more detail with some photos at a later date... let's just say... our waiter will remember us... lol

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Seacrest out... (oh, wait.. that should be: iwouldratherbeknitting out...)


Anonymous said...

My DH went to singapore when he was in the marines and thought it was a beautiful place.

hodgepodgespv said...

you better get to where you can load your pictures soon...i love traveling with you! sandy in texas. spvaughan in ravelry

Catherine said...

You've been tagged!

Go to my blog to find out what that means :o)

Cath (Knittermum)

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Catherine... I'll check your blog later... just no time now... sorry..

*I haven't even sent a letter (for those not on email) or an email to let my friends and family know that I'm moving... well, a few know... that are in regular contact with me...

Thanks for leaving a comment and tagging me... :D