Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm excited to be moving to a new location...

but, there are also some things that I'll miss about Korea...

The Tea Houses in Isadong... there are many, but...

The one that I visit is down a winding alley, up old steep, creaky wooden stairs, adorned with beautiful waterlilies floating in containers. As you walk up the steps, you eventually make your way to the final step, turn to the right, and enter into a room lit with only natural daylight streaming through the cracks in the aged wooden shutters.

You stand for a minute, waiting for your outside eyes to adjust to the room's soothing natural light, take a deep breath of the various spices in the air, and you can sense the serenity, the water fountain gently babbles water, musical chirping birds- flying free in the room add the finishing touch. It is a place of gentle repose, rest, and peace. You feel refreshed and reminded of a simpler time - when people took the time to just 'sit, watch, think' and sip tea.

I hope we all find quiet soothing places to calm our inner spirit- no matter where it is. Do you have a such a place?

I grew up on a lake and I know that no matter what had happened or was bothering me-Just riding my bike or walking to the lake helped so much. I'd sit and listen to the gentle waves and the wind drowning out my everyday life and I always felt better.
Watching the sunset works too. Did you know that in Okinawa- that it was very typical to see people stop and watch the sunset? It's a tradition there to say goodbye and respect to the day.

PS.. I am happy to report that someone from IOWA visited the blog... way to go! Now, only 10 more states to go!!


susanc said...

I'm glad to know there are other people in this world who will actually stop and watch the sunset. I do that often and get funny looks sometimes. People do need to slow down and observe the beauty around them, even in the smallest things. It is there!

Your pictures and descriptions are lovely. I look forward to your adventures in Germany!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Thank you so much!! Very nice of you to say so... I love sunsets and my apartment is on the 9th floor and I have a complete view of the river 1 1/2 blocks away (no buildings in front of me), the bridges, a small island and the sunsets... as weak as they are in Korea (the smog/air pollution keeps the sunsets pretty pale) and it is still just a beautiful site.

When I lived in Italy 4 years ago, I left the house when it was still dark, and walked down the mountain-watching the sunrise every morning. It was beautiful- and I probably took a photo almost everyday.

I think that is why I have always taken photos of 'slightly different' images than most people do--- I think that most don't even notice what I'm taking a photo of in the first place??

Nor would they think what I was taking a photo of 'worthy of taking a photo of it' in the first place?

I think that sometimes our society tends to do too much, is in a hurry, is used to being entertained, etc. and as a result- sometimes miss the little things all around.

susanc said...

I totally agree! How fun to live in Italy! My paternal grandfather was from a little village near Naples and my grandmother was from Sicily. I would LOVE to get there some day. My parents went there in 2000. Hopefully I'll make it some day.