Friday, May 2, 2008

Busy.. busy..

Just a quick post to give an update.
I've been busy, busy.. busy.. I have also stayed up late a night to call the states and then UP before 5am.. to call AZ or CALIF.. (arranging doctor visits/airlines/ordering car parts, etc. for the summer)

AND.. at night, I've been sorting through things. I found out about a 'little garage sale' for the military community tomorrow. I only found out about it on WED afternoon. So, I have been finding items to sell.

AND.. on WEDNESDAY, I was taking my car to get it inspected.. so, that the next day I could go to another location to get my car registered. (too bad that this wasn't due after I'd already shipped my car to Germany?) ANYWAY, my car was so difficult to shift into first gear.. then, about 3x on the way to the 'car inspection place'.. I was stuck in neutral and just couldn't get my car into first gear.. AND, wouldn't you know it.. on the final street to the 'car place'.. a base shuttle bus stopped.. on the opposite lane.. and I had to stop again.. and TRY TO FIND first gear AGAIN!

I thought that I wasn't going to make it to the car place.. I even heard a 'popping' sound at least once in my car.. so, I found out that my clutch cable broke. AND, yes.. I had to order parts from the states. Now, we are on the 'beat the mail' plan.. because my car has an appointment to be shipped on MAY 22. I've been getting rides to work with my friend Janie (of the 'Mystery Spice' first blog entry fame). Her car is bigger than my car and I've just hauled things to work on THUR and this morning.. and just left it in my classroom. She'll pick me and my last load of 'stuff' in the morning and we'll do a quick stop at my classroom to pick up as much as we can to put in her car.. and then, I'll put other items on my 'wheelie cart' and walk it over to the garage sale location- while Janie drives her car full of my 'stuff' over there.

So, I've been busy.. I haven't been knitting either. NO time for it.. and my left thumb (from previous injury last fall) has started hurting more and more and is swollen.. I'm tired from lack of sleep.. from staying up late and getting up about 5am.. or earlier to make my USA phone calls. I only have to make at least 3 more calls and as far as I know- I should be finished for awhile?

No photo.. and thanks for stopping by.. even when I was so busy that I had no time to write a blog entry.

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Anonymous said...

I loved the bees on the flowers! How did you manage to take a photo like that? ?

Hi, from your friend JANIE.. (yes, of the "MYSTERY SPICE FAME")