Thursday, May 29, 2008

Singapore Photos... May 2008

I'm back... we started flying at 8:25 pm.. and landed in Incheon, South Korea (about an hour from Seoul) this morning... May 29. Again, I did not sleep on the plane. I did some knitting on a hat that I'm going to donate to a worthy cause, read some, and watched the movie: Vantage Point *If you haven't seen the movie- it is well done and keeps you on the edge of your seat... in a suspense type of way.

Singapore had so many amazing buildings and it was almost as if they 'sought' out unusual concepts for winning bids/etc. so, that they could continue to put up a variety of unusual cutting edge type of buildings. Even in the main harbor where 'all of the new' high-rise buildings there... that are totally different from each other--- but, they work so well together.

Here's a photo...

Now, I'm sure that you've heard of the 'no chewing gum' law that is found in Singapore? One of my friends and I on the trip had brought along gum, without thinking' about the 'no gum chewing' law... so, we decided to be safe and we put our gum in the room safe... after all, we didn't want 'gum sniffing dogs' to find out gum stash that we made sure that we weren't chewing... even in the privacy of our own hotel room.

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