Thursday, May 8, 2008

Let's talk: Storage

Someday, I'll finish up my vacation photos... but, in the meantime... my world has focused on: THE MOVE TO GERMANY!

And, when you move to Europe storage is something that you think about. Or maybe I should say 'Lack of storage' is something you think about. You see, in Europe, it would be a rare find to rent any home with kitchen cabinets or closets. So, part of renting a place is you have to buy cabinets or have furniture that will work for 'storage'...

So, today... I went to a local Korean furniture man that I've purchased furniture from in the past- except this time, since I have already lived here (Seoul, Korea) 3 times for a grand total of 9 years... Although I have enjoyed my time in Korea, I DO NOT PLAN ON RETURNING again. This frees that frugal part of one's mind to 'buy, buy, buy' the furniture that you really, really want... because, buying it now is: Cheaper than having it shipped to you, buying it in the states (and to get the quality of furniture that we can buy here-- I just wouldn't be able to afford stateside prices for it anyway) etc.

So, I present... (some) of my new furniture...

I'm going to use this in the kitchen. Maybe set the microwave on it? Some dishes?

Isn't this beautiful? It's probably a buffet? I'll use it somewhere- I just thought it was beautiful- and am thinking that maybe I shouldn't have purchased it and exchange it for something else? (the items won't be shipped to my apartment until the end of the month) I know that they have a tall cabinet (kind of like the first photo) with doors on it for storage. It would be more useful- since, I might end up in a small apartment and going vertical is always a good plan... and besides that... I do already have the buffet made out of Italian walnut in storage... humm, I need to think about it. What do you guys/guyettes think?

This is a traditional Korean piece of furniture. A step Tansu made in a new style of the open cut work showing the four seasons. The top can flip down and you can use it as a vertical or horizontal piece of furniture. *Which is why I think that I should change my mind about the buffet... sigh...

And, now I present something CUTE..... These little tea cups were from Japan and I found them on-base in the Base Exchange. I loved it so much that I bought a few for some teacher friends. They just make me smile and I think that they'll be something worth having at school for those days when you need a little something to 'make you smile.' AND just look at the cute, cute lid!! There were 3 different designs- but, I loved this one the most and I bought them all like this one.

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