Wednesday, March 5, 2008

You would think that I would remember..

TO CALL my realtor's office so that they arrange to have the water company deliver my bottled water? My bottles are empty and have been sitting outside my door.. oh, let's count the number of days.. THREE!!!

Have I remembered to call? No!

IS it SAFE to drink the tap water? NO!

I have been drinking out of this water bottle for 3 days.. I saved the last cup to take my AM medicine... I can drink two of these a day, easy.

So, now I will have to go to the Korean grocery store that is kind of across the street and buy a 6 pack of big water bottles (the only way it is sold) and haul that heavy container of even heavier water home so I can at least have water to drink tonight and in the morning.

AND.. I also seem to be unable to remember to buy paper towels either. That's a mental block that happens in the Military grocery store on base though.

So, if there is something that you know that you need to do.. make a list right now, tape it to the door and.. maybe you'll remember to do it in 3 days.

Wait a minute...
I know that there is some water in the iron.. nah, I better not...

PS.. Yes, I do know that I still have my Christmas SNOWMAN outside my door, but I have been pretending that he's a WINTER SNOWMAN not a Christmas snowman. Ok, I guess now that it's officially MARCH.. I do need to bring him inside so he can wait until next winter?

Update: I went over to get the heavy 6 pack of water. I took my 'wheely cart' with me to haul it home. Problem is.. the little grocery store is in the BASEMENT of a building.. so, you have to carry the heavy water UP THE STAIRS TOO. (Well, I have to carry them up and down the stairs-- since, the 6 packs of water are stored on the steps- but, I don't know how to tell them that I want the water- so, I have to haul it down the stairs mid-way and then ALL THE WAY UP the stairs and then to my apartment.) Cute story.. as I'm hauling the water up the stairs.. (remember rest of the people.. just pick them up as they go out the door because they've already paid for them) one of the store clerks (I think he's one of the delivery guys?) told me to stop and said to me in English:

Him: Let me help you!
Me: Oh, thank you so much!
Him: It is my pleasure to help you. (clearly, some English lessons going on there for the appropriate response) So, cute.

ME: Then, I thanked him in Korean for helping me after we got up the stairs, off the sidewalk and back onto the street so I could haul my bottles home on my cart.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I just weighted the 6 pack of water and it weighed 27.6 pounds! See, I told you it was heavy!


Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Thank you for reminding me of paper towels, I added it to my list :)

I keep an ongoing grocery list in a notepad ont he desktop of my computer... and print it when I'm ready to head out for shopping :)

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I now have water.. I'll have to repeat the cycle again in about 3-4 weeks when I need more water again.

You're welcome about the paper towels reminder. :D

Maybe I should just buy paper towels every week for awhile?