Tuesday, March 18, 2008


NO news about the transfer YET.. maybe, tomorrow?

Ok, sing with me.. "TOMORROW.. tomorrow.."

I went to the yarn market really quick after school today-- went to pick up some cashmere wool fabric (for a coat) that I was supposed to get for a friend.. but, they've changed the fabric for the spring season too.. and when I went Saturday.. I paid the guy and he gestured at the calendar and told me to come back this week.. but, when I went back today- I found out that they are out of the dark charcoal cashmere.. Oops.. Darn the yellow dust preventing me from going to the market on the days that the yellow dust levels are higher than normal..(ok, and there was that slight problem of me forgetting to go to the 3rd floor to buy the cashmere during the times that I did go to the market)

We also went down to the yarn market in the basement and noticed that very little wool is out for sale too.. the yarns have also changed with the season. I did buy some really pretty thin 100% silk yarn from Italy though. It was so pretty.. that it just begged me to bring it home. HONEST.. the yarn looked at me with those fuzzy yarny 'eyes' and I couldn't resist.. ok, maybe that part didn't happen.. but, it was my favorite mixture of colors and it was silk.. did I mention that part?

When we left the market- we stopped at the little shoppette and saw the egg sandwich man.. and his new family... egg sandwich man story details here..http://iwouldratherbeknitting.blogspot.com/2007/10/egg-sandwich-man-is-back-in-business.html

AND.. sorry, no knitting today, nor did I remember my camera to take photos of the different stages of knitting the LOG CABIN SQUARES.

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