Monday, March 24, 2008

How do you know you've bought enough?

When they have to tape your bag shut and form a handle out of the tape for you!

Or maybe it's when you can't carry anything more and you know that you need to be able to carry all that you purchase for the subway ride, and a few blocks walk to your apartment?

The motto of shopping here.. you stop buying when you can't carry it all in one load . *Since, there is no 'let's go put this in the car' and continue shopping plan here.

This is not a city of parking lots, traffic is everywhere but.. parking is very limited. So, I always walk, take the subway, or a taxi.. depending on where I'm going and how far away it is.

PS.. Update on the transfer round.. we 'might' know by the end of this week. Maybe I should do another poll for everyone to guess which day they send out the annoucements of who got a transfer? :D

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