Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I need a new coat.. but, WHAT COLOR? Maybe I should see what seems to be the most popular color?

WELL.. what do you think? Do you think that 'maybe' BLACK is the most popular color? Or do you think there is a law about 'coat colors' that I don't know about?

Maybe it was written in Korean on that custom's form that I signed when I entered the country: "I, _____________ promise to wear a black coat during the winter months while I am in Korea." :D


Carey said...

Is there some relationship between coat colors and car colors? I remember you said that no-one has 'colored' cars either. :)

Rebecca Jo said...

You need to get a bold RED coat - you'll stand out in the crowd! You might start a new trend!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Isn't that a funny sight those photos? I can't find the other photo.. (it must still be in the camera and when I saw the images I just figured that I'd already selected it?) but... look back at..

The subway car full of people? Well, there is another photo in the opposite direction and it's the exact same way.. 'all black coats'.. I was sort of giggling.. when I noticed it and I did take a photo of both directions.