Friday, April 26, 2013

After watching endless episodes of HGTV, we were ready to tackle 'home improvement' in the kitchen...

My friend's sink area before we started.  Your basic 1970's yellow sink.   Two summers ago, we had removed the cabinet doors and knobs and painted everything.   Last summer, we grouted and tiled the counter tops and put up a metal black splash.

Had either one of us done either project before?  No.  We both worked on the back splash.  Lots of math.  Comes in handy being a knitter sometimes and an art teacher.  (We are both teachers too...and I think that helped too.)  I was in charge of the grout and tile project.   The local home-improvement store had one inch tile squares that were easy to cut apart by simply cutting the mesh backing apart with scissors.  My friend handed me the tile sheets since my hands were dirty with grout and cut she them apart if I needed specific sizes.

I think that we did an awesome job.  I don't own a home- but, I have always loved to do creative projects and it's fun to have a friend who doesn't mind if we 'beautify' her home in the summers.  I wonder what this summer's project will be?

My previous tiling experience?  None.   Oh wait, I just remembered that, about 25 years ago, my fifth grade art students did a metal trivet and they put tile pieces down on the top.  

Ignore the 'attempt' at video-taping our project.  I had just purchased my IPAD and I was experimenting with it.   The leaded crystal vase I bought in my carry on bag from Germany as my summer 'Thank you for letting me stay in your house' gift.  I will admit that that sucker was SO HEAVY that after my second airport security experience... and hauling it around each and every time that I changed planes... I was regretting bringing it along.  However, I knew that my friend would love it.  By the third airport security check-in for my International flight... and all the airport walking from one terminal/gate to another... I was ready to throw that heavy thing in the trash can!

Sorry, it's a little fuzzy.   Aren't those beautiful flowers?

We think that we did a great job.  She has a stainless steel fridge and stove/oven.

The pretty flowers are from my friend's garden.   Please EXCUSE the SOUTHERN ACCENT.  You know how it is... most of us tend to hate how our own voice sounds since what we hear in our own head is NOT what others hear; so, when you hear one's own voice recorded it sounds so alien.


susanc said...

You did a fantastic job! It looks great! You sound great, but I know what you mean about hearing your own voice ~ I don't like hearing mine either! :/

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I have another video.. (the first one that I tried to record) it is so funny... you can hear mumbling and trying to figure out what to push/use/etc. to make the IPAD record and much laughter as we realize that it is 'already recording'... but, it's still on the IPAD... so, I'll have to see if I can remember to send it to my PC for later.

This one was right after that 'first attempt' and it was difficult to keep from laughing because of the other video episode.

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

And thank you for commenting... I often feel like I'm writing to an 'empty void' of space... :(