Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Middle of the night musings, thoughts, and wild ideas...

Italy observed the 'spring forward' time change on Sunday. This doesn't upset my sleep patterns very much... but, the bigger problem is that I'm a natural 'night owl' who gets up super early for work. If I happen to be awake until 10:30pm... I tend to get my second wind and I get very awake/alert and not ready for bed.

That happened on Sunday and Monday and this was including staying at work until after 8pm or almost 8pm. So, since I was so tired last night, I made an effort to get to bed on time. (Tuesday for those keeping count) I was so tired that I couldn't get to sleep. My mind kept thinking of things that I needed to do/remember to do/etc. Friday, is the day that we have to work on report cards and they must be finished by day's end.

So, around midnight, I finally just got up. I checked my email- nothing had arrived since I had gone to bed and midnight. I ended up going through saved photos on my computer and deleted some. Does someone need to do this until after 1am? No. Did I do this? Yes. While I was trying to get to sleep... I had a nagging memory thought. You know how that happens... something is in the back of your mind and it takes awhile to figure out what is 'out of order' a skill that Monk (the character from a TV show) used to solve crimes/mysteries.

So, here is what I realized/discovered/or had an 'ah, ha' moment about.

1. My new mattress purchase blogged about here was very comfortable... it is a Memory Foam Mattress.
I finally remembered that when they delivered the mattress... after they brought it in and set it on the metal bed frame... I had asked the delivery guys.. "That's all? Just one thing?"
They had said in unison, "Just one box." *Now, there could have been a language barrier of sorts??? But, since they were also employed by the PX on base... I'm sure that they knew
enough English to know what I meant/etc. Later, I was so busy with my guests during Christmas break, the continued unpacking, and working... that I begun to think... "Well, maybe this is a new type of mattress... and didn't need a box spring like my other bed sets? And, after awhile... the memory got pushed to the back of my mind and I never even thought to check on the missing or maybe missing box springs.

Now, for a flashback... I had just moved into the house and had spent 2 weeks unpacking and unpacking when I came home from work.. I had only had one weekend and nights when I got off work- my company was coming from Germany and I had to get two guest rooms ready for them-- when my new mattress was delivered.

HOWEVER, last night
... as I was reclined on my new comfy mattress... I remembered that I had indeed purchased a box springs to go along with the new mattress. That this wasn't a 'new thing' since my last mattress purchase more years that I want to admit (I've always had two beds and I would alternate which bed I'd take with me to the new location when I moved and the one with me- would go into storage, in the states, and then... I'd get the other bed out of storage every few years... so, neither bed/mattress had been used that much... even though they were pretty old time-wise. Some items I get tired of and I would switch some of my stuff out and I'd do the same thing with my dishes... I'd send some to storage. That way, every 3 years... I'd get new stuff 'even though it was my own things'...

I went to the PX today after school... and asked at the customer service desk to see if I had 'indeed' ordered and paid for not only a new mattress but a box springs too. I could vaguely remember that the lady who helped me told me that I could buy the last model of a particular box springs for a really good price. It was the only one that they had. I said, "Sure."

You couldn't see the mattresses ahead of time-- you just had to select an item to purchase from the cost/description of the item since everything was in a military warehouse somewhere in the city.

Now, imagine having to tell someone... "Hey, I think that 3 months ago... when I bought my new mattress... that I also bought a box springs and it wasn't delivered. Could you check into this for me?" So, the guy checked and sure enough... he found the paperwork that said that I had indeed purchased a new mattress and box springs... Now, the problem is that the box springs that was sold to me at a 'greatly reduced price' (1/3 of the cost of the others available) is no longer available. It was the only one in stock when I bought it. However, I did remember to ask (as tired as I was) if they could sell me another one at a greatly reduced price since it was a mistake (wonder what happened to the missing box springs?) that it hadn't been delivered?

He said that he would have to ORDER a brand new one... and I could have it at the cost that I already had paid for the 'non-delivered one'... The brand new one cost 3x as much as the other one that I did purchase. What a deal, huh? It won't be here for 10 days. So, my new bed is really going to be comfortable in the future, huh?

So, are you still laughing? It's OK. I'm easy going and I have to laugh when things like this happens. Because, trust me, this won't be the last time something happens. :D

However, you see... not being able sleep was productive... at least this one time.

While, in the BX... I saw this little item on display. Now, has it come to this? We are getting so lazy (or is Martha Stewart running out of things to sell to the public?) that we need to buy a gadget for $9.00 to SLICE bananas? I have never found it particularly difficult to slice bananas with a regular knife... no need for even a sharp knife... Much less a special tool sold specifically to slice bananas? I guess that will be on wedding wish lists in the future, huh?

I saw a blooming tree on base today. This reminds me of a street on the Army Post in Seoul, South Korea that had a street that ran about 4 blocks long with rows and rows of blooming cherry trees along the sidewalk side. When the blossoms would start falling... it looked like it was raining cherry blossoms.

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