Thursday, April 4, 2013

Out of the mouth of 'babes'....

Isn't he a cutie?  One of my students came to school last week wearing this great 'fun fur' vest.  He proudly told me that it was made out of:  RACCOON  

 (In January, I read a book to my class about Ben Franklin and we had learned that Ben Franklin had worn a coonskin cap, and of course caused quite a 'stir', when he went to France to get support for America).

Yesterday, I had just walked my class to the lunchroom and as I arrived at the top of the landing there was a few students from another group of second graders waiting for their teacher to take them to the lunchroom...  as I walked past them one of the little girls said in rather 'snarky voice' to the group of children waiting along side her... "Can you believe that someone in class thought that 12 minus 8 was 5?"   

Scattered laughter all around.

Another child said, "How much is 12 minus 8?"  

The 'snarky, all knowing one said, "3"....    bah ha ha   

Lesson:  If you're gonna make fun of someone... make sure you know the correct answer.


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