Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cute little French Kitties...

Last year, (I think?) I went to southern France on a bus trip (yesterday's post is from this trip) with the military base.  On this trip, we stopped and had a great meal at this restaurant.   While waiting for the meal to start, I was walking around taking some photos and I noticed that the owners had a few cats... and eventually I noticed that there were also a couple of really adorable kitties.   They were so cute.   Trying to hide in the tall grasses while playing and also wanting to get close enough to check me out.  Both adult cats stayed close and I honored that and only took photos w/ my zoom lens so none of the cats would feel 'threatened.'   This is when I first saw the kitties.   I love little orange tabbies... and the white kitty was adorable and had beautiful markings.  Check out the little mouth... looks like a grey smudge around her lips.  *Click on the photos for a larger view.

I wish I could have taken them home.

You can't see me... I'm hiding behind this tree branch.

"Did you see that brother?"   The little white one is sitting on an old glass wine bottle.


They love each other and were constantly right beside each other.

We're just 'resting our eyes'...

I think that this is the 'mama kitty'???
Fuzzy, because they were always moving! 

Finally this little guy gave me a perfect pose.

Aren't they so cute?  I think the little white one is part Siamese? However, she/he also had really light tabby markings.


Mandi Goodman said...

They are so adorable!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

They were so cute and they adored each other too! They were always beside each other. I think that the white one is marked really pretty.