Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 5 of spring break.... Last day.... I'm ready for warmer weather.

My new patio/balcony set.

This is my balcony at the back of the house on the 2nd floor.  This is the 'sunset side' and no shade of any kind is out there.  I had this delivered during break.   It isn't as nice as the set that I had bought in Germany- one is limited as to what the PX/BX is selling... but, I like it.   I really like the wide ledges- they'll be good for flowers.  Maybe later, I can get something else out there to sit on?   Or eventually a nice grill?   I still have and will continue to use my small 'no frills' charcoal grill.   Once, I find a garden center... I'll get some flowers and flowerpots.   I sure do wish that I hadn't gotten rid of my nice outdoor furniture and flower pots.   But, the German movers won't pack up things with dirt on them and my Jeep would only hold so much 'stuff' for the drive down.  
Today, it is raining.   A perfect day to do paperwork.  NOT that there is a perfect day for paperwork- my most dreaded chore.   I have done a lot during break, I even was finally able to put some artwork up on the walls.   IT looks like somebody lives here now.   The moving company came and picked up the flattened boxes yesterday and my garage looks much bigger now. I saved a big box of the packing paper for mailing fragile items in the future.

I would have had much more fun... had my friends been able to come down for our shared 'spring breaks' but... as it is... I did some much needed things around the house, got everything out of the hallway, artwork up, and did a few fun things, watched a few movies, did some knitting, talked to my good friend in England a few times, and all in all.. it was a nice, restful, break.

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