Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What a long day... that happens when you wake up at 2:17am and don't go back to sleep... and leave for work at 4:25am....

I guess that I got off kilter with the day off on Monday?  Anyway, I finally got up at 3am... and read the Internet news, checked my email, etc.   THEN, I said, "Forget this... I'm going to get showered and ready for work."   Yes, I left my house at 4:25am.  The gate guard on base did look at me a little funny when he scanned my military ID to get on base.   He probably was wondering why I needed to be at work at 4:40am?   At least, we didn't have another meeting after school today.  I was able to go to the base and mail 3 boxes to friends.   Two people will really be surprised with the contents of their boxes-- since, it's not their birthday or anything.  
I don't think that I have shared this knitting project?  If I did, pretend that I didn't... after all... I only had 3 hours of sleep last night.  My mind is a bit tired by now.   Anyway, these are cotton dishcloths that I knitted during some of my physical therapy appointments this summer.   The sessions started with heat on my knee for about 15 minutes and ended with ice on my knee for another 15-20 minutes.  Of course, in the middle part was a lot of pain and discomfort-- but, we won't discuss that.  During those 'waiting times'... I would knit.   Other people there?  They'd play on their cell phones.   I used 100% cotton yarn by the name of 'dishie' from knitpicks.com.  I also used a variety of patterns.   I made them for my friend's aunt- she would take me to my physical therapy appointments.   I had thought about knitting her a nice warm soft wool hat... but, my friend said that she wouldn't wear a hat.  So, I'm not one to force my knitting onto others... and I totally understand the 'no wearing of hats'... unless it is VERY COLD.

This is a wool hat out of alpaca that I knitted for my friend's mom.  She'd drive me to the doctor appointments.   She has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes.   So, I thought that this color was a good choice.   This yarn was also from knitpicks.com.   This is a free hat pattern that I found on www.ravelry.com.   The dishcloth patterns were also found there or just some stitch patterns that I know how to knit without needing a pattern.

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