Saturday, February 22, 2014

Must resist...

The lure of new yarn.  Today, my plan was to do some chores, laundry,
cleaning house and those things that you should/need to do on a regular basis so that you aren't featured in the TV show:  Hoarders   Part of my errands was to stop at the local Italian Pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions that I totally forgot to pick up yesterday.   Only $167.00 later and I was back in the driver's seat of my Jeep.    It's another rainy day/ weekend.   It just seems to rain a lot on the weekends here.   As I sat in the Jeep... I really, really wanted to drive to the big discount yarn store that is in the local area.   I don't need anymore yarn.  I know this.  It doesn't mean that I don't want to buy more yarn.  I do want to get enough wool to knit (someday) an afghan.  I also want to continue to get 'sweater amounts' of yarn in various colors- because, the truth is... those things will COST FAR MORE in America than I am willing to pay!   However, as I sat there and realized that I didn't have that much EURO left in my wallet, it was raining, AND for some reason 'my voice' seems to be gone again... I thought that maybe, I should just go on to the nice nearby huge Italian grocery store, go home and eat a nice lunch from some of my purchases... and then start cleaning house.   BEING a grown up sucks sometimes.   The yarn shopping was just delayed- because there are still more yarn purchases for projects that I want to knit in the future.   I also need to buy this yarn fairly soon- since, yarn is seasonal too and most of the wool yarns will be replaced with acrylics, cottons, and novelty yarns.   As I was talking myself out of driving to the big yarn store... I did promise myself that I could 'cast on' and start a new knitting project using some of the YARN THAT I DO HAVE.  
 *Anyone else have to talk themselves out of things that they'd rather do and instead do the grown up thing sometimes?

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