Sunday, February 16, 2014

Adorable little kids... are everywhere...

I was going through some of my old photos and I found this one that I had taken when I lived in Seoul, South Korea.   This is a school group at some public place- a museum or park.   Aren't they adorable in their school uniforms?  They appeared to be about 5 years old to me.  Whenever, you'd be out and about (as an American) and the little school groups would see you- they'd be so excited and start saying:  "HELLO!"  "HOW ARE YOU?"  in English.   Of course, that was usually all that they knew- but, it was adorable.   I love the little girl in the middle of the group with her hand on her forehead in that classic ... "Can you believe what the SILLY boys are doing?" gesture.  ha ha  
And, want to know what else amazed me?   These school groups would usually only have one or at the most 2 adults with a group of at least 25-35 young students.   We (my American school on the military base) would instead have 1 adult (teacher or parent volunteer for our field trips out on the local economy) for every 3 or 5 children.

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