Thursday, February 27, 2014

Recent Sewing Adventure...

A tube?  *Her favorite color is: Orange
Here is open and with some knitting 'tools' stashed in the pockets.  Now you can see why the flap was sewn in place.   It's to hold double pointed knitting needles/etc. in place.
I used to sew a lot-- but, not so much anymore.   I hooked up my sewing machine that I haven't used in a long time... and I sewed a 'gift' for a friend that I had taught how to knit when we were both in Seoul, South Korea.   We both think that sock monkeys are cute and I sewed her a ...

Here it is open.  I sewed lots of little narrow pockets and a flap to hold items inside the 'tube' when it is rolled up.   My sewing machine 'tension' on the bottom was messing up.   See the 'loops' at the top of the flap?  I tried to make this stop- but, I wasn't successful.  I don't know where my manual is after I moved into this house and my 'google fu' wasn't working to try to find a solution to my problem.   I was disappointed that it had the loops in some of the places that showed- the other parts-- any loops were hidden on the inside because of the way that I put it together.

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